Connecting with North London's Elderly Community

James Young
Connecting with North London's Elderly Community

In London, nothing stays the same for long. The city is a hotbed of change and evolution – globalisation and digitalisation. But for many of its older residents, the fast-paced environment can be daunting and isolating.

North London Cares is a community network that partners young professionals with elderly Neighbours to combat the loneliness and isolation that many of London’s senior residents experience in a bustling and incoherent city.

In return, the volunteers – often graduates who have recently arrived from other parts of the UK or around the world – are able to form deeper roots in their new communities.

By spending time together, volunteers and Neighbours are able to bridge the generational and attitudinal divides that often separate us, and develop meaningful community connections.

We partnered with North London Cares after we were introduced by Charlie, an NLC volunteer and member of our Data Science team. For us, the parallels between the charity’s mission and our values were clear to see.

Neighbours and volunteers pose for a photo.

In our first group activity, 23 Neighbours joined 20 Peakons for a tour of our office and a discussion about the ways in which new technologies have shaped modern workplaces. Over lunch, we swapped stories of our differing experiences and shared passions – and John and June took to the floor to teach us the basics of ballroom dancing.

This first day together with North London Cares was a fantastic way to engage with – and learn from – our local community. Its success has lead to a continued partnership with NLC and our new Neighbours.

Author - James Young