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Peakon raises $6.5m, led by EQT Ventures

Peakon raises $6.5m, led by EQT Ventures

London, England – March 27, 2017 – Peakon (, the London and Copenhagen based people analytics company, today announces the completion of its latest funding round of $6.5M. Lead investor in this round was EQT Ventures, along with Peakon’s existing investors, IDInvest, Sunstone and angel investor, Tommy Ahlers. 

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Career stagnating? You could be part of the “Abandoned Generation”

Career stagnating? You could be part of the “Abandoned Generation”

The 2008 financial crisis was years in the making. Poor regulation and rampant greed; the big banks and the white-collar elite were riding the crest of a wave. A wave that eventually broke, leaving the financial and employment markets in turmoil.

Almost a decade on the effects are still being felt, and no one is suffering more than those who graduated into the worst UK economy in living memory.

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