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What does 7/10 mean?

What does 7/10 mean?

In a world where providing feedback is the norm - whether hotel ratings, restaurant reviews, or even the Peppa Pig app I downloaded for my nephew - we are sharing insights for future consumers of these products.

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It’s Not Just Lego that’s Winning at Digital in Denmark

It’s Not Just Lego that’s Winning at Digital in Denmark

At the beginning of the millennium Lego, Denmark’s most visible brand, was struggling. Kids were shifting away from its building blocks. Video games were huge. The digital world was leaving it behind.

To beat the competition, Lego joined them. It built its brand through digital ventures like The Lego Movie and a host of video game titles. Its value skyrocketed. Lego is now worth $7.1bn—the world’s 86th most valuable brand according to Forbes.

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