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Millennial Myth #1 - Millennials Are Lazy

Millennial Myth #1 - Millennials Are Lazy

This is part of a new series dispelling the myths around millennials and work. One such myth is that younger employees are simply lazy and inefficient at their job. This is completely untrue, and this article tries to tackle the root cause of the misunderstanding. 

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Retire Your Annual Employee Engagement Survey: Why And How

Retire Your Annual Employee Engagement Survey: Why And How

The annual employee engagement survey stands to face a vote of no confidence. Unloved by everyone who completes it, and unable to improve stubbornly low rates of engagement, it sticks out like a sore thumb when we use real-time data as the basis of our decisions in finance, marketing, product development and more.

That’s not to say companies aren’t taking engagement seriously. Considering Right Management studies show engaged workforces return 33% higher profits, and enjoy 44% higher staff retention, it’s no wonder leaders consistently place the topic as their top priority in Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends – while The Economist reports that 87% of C-level executives recognise disengagement to be one of the biggest threats to their organisations.

With all this will, why is there no way?

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Peakon Management Priorities: Your Real-Time Engagement Action Plan

While 85 percent of business leaders ranked engagement as a top priority in Deloitte’s 2016 Human Capital Trends report, only 46 percent of executives claimed they were well prepared to tackle engagement challenges.

This marks a small improvement on the previous report – reflecting the growing trend of retiring annual surveys and performance reviews, in favour of pulse surveys, social feedback tools, and weekly one-on-one meetings. But for most companies, these new ways of listening to employees only deliver half the solution. The questions is: what to do next with all that feedback?

With our latest update, priorities from Peakon will now provide an actionable engagement strategy for every department in your organisation. These priorities are based on predictive analysis – understanding the factors that influence the engagement of employees, and the management practices that deliver the greatest ROI.

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Would You Pay Bonuses To Employees For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep?

Would You Pay Bonuses To Employees For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep?

American healthcare company, Aetna, recently caught the imagination of the press and business leaders looking for innovative ways to improve employee welfare and boost productivity. 

After a year of trialling the scheme as part of a larger wellness programme, Aetna CEO, Mark Bertolini told CNBC that the firm pays employees a bonus of $25 per night, if they for sleep for more than seven hours a night, for 20 nights in a row. There’s a maximum bonus of $500 per year.

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