Maximise Your L&D Investment with Peakon’s Custom Resources and Actions

Maximise Your L&D Investment with Peakon’s Custom Resources and Actions

We already offer personalised learning through Peakon’s Improve area, which provides training and advice to managers based on the results of their team’s engagement survey. These take the form of micro-courses, suggested actions and curated learning resources developed by our organisational development science team.

Leadership principles are universal, but how they are applied will be different in every organisation. Your industry, mission and values will influence what good leadership looks like, which is why it’s important to offer custom training and development to your managers.

To ensure that Peakon’s training material aligns with your own leadership development programmes, we’ve made it possible to add your own custom resources and actions.

Custom resources and actions explained

Our new custom resources and actions feature allows you to add in-house training material alongside Peakon’s pre-existing content. You can also add your own suggested actions, which provide managers with clear next steps based on the engagement priorities of their team.

These customised actions can be sent to multiple manager segments throughout the business at the same time. This makes it easy to create follow-up actions related to strategy, company-wide meetings and other events that affect multiple managers.

Maximising your L&D investment

Effective leadership development programs require an investment of time and money from L&D teams. Custom resources and actions ensures you’re getting the most out of your budget and distributing content across the business in the most efficient way possible.

Peakon enables talent development teams to accommodate different learning styles. In particular, it makes it possible to provide a self-directed learning experience that is social and mobile. This increases learner engagement, particularly with younger generations.

Existing customers using the platform have been able to achieve course completion rates of 62.2%, while feedback from employees that have taken a course is 93.4% positive.

In review

  • Add your own custom resources and actions to Peakon’s Improve area
  • Link to existing content from L&D platforms being used across the business
  • Provide managers with personalised learning materials based on employee feedback
  • Recommend company-wide actions to your managers
  • Browse learning material and complete courses on any device
  • Combines internal and external content for a more effective learning experience

To learn more about how custom resources and actions work, watch the webinar below, where Michael, our Director of Employee Experience, and Anne-Paul, Product Manager, explain how you can identify the learning needs in your organisation and address them with customised content.