Be Alerted to Cases of Misconduct in Your Organisation: Peakon Launches Sensitive Comments

Be Alerted to Cases of Misconduct in Your Organisation: Peakon Launches Sensitive Comments

Our founding team created Peakon so that they could build the kind of company that they wanted to work for, with the aim of helping others to do the same. Part of that mission involves creating a safe workplace for employees around the world. In the words of Phil Chambers, CEO and Co-founder of Peakon, “A safe workplace is not just a prerequisite for employee engagement, it’s an ethical obligation to every employee.”

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Many companies equate silence with safety. Unfortunately, just because you don’t hear about misconduct doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. This was highlighted by the #metoo movement that swept through Hollywood in 2017, and the fact that 72% of employees who experience sexual harassment don’t report it.

In order to tackle harassment and other cases of misconduct, it’s essential that employees have a way to report them and organisations have a transparent way to handle them. This is why we created Sensitive Comments. Our latest feature automatically detects and alerts the right people in your organisation about critical employee feedback.

Introducing Sensitive Comments

As employees get used to using Peakon, their feedback becomes more detailed and constructive. Our partners have also experienced cases in which employees have shared information about instances of discrimination or misconduct. This requires immediate attention.

One of the challenges of tackling misconduct in the workplace is that people leaders and managers are often unaware it’s happening. This is why we’ve made it easy to immediately notify the right people in your organisation about serious issues.

Sensitive Comments detects critical feedback in over 40 languages – as soon as an employee submits a comment as part of their pulse survey. This feedback is then sorted into one of four categories, which we identified by working closely with our existing partners:

  • Violent Criminal Behaviour
  • Objectionable Behaviour
  • Integrity and Ethics
  • Safety and Wellbeing

Once detected, real-time email and in-app alerts bring the most serious issues to the attention of designated people within your organisation. These issues need to be addressed carefully. Using the private notes functionality on Peakon, people leaders can use @mentions to collaborate and respond to critical issues in the correct manner.

Team leaders are able to view them from their “Comments” area on their Peakon dashboard. By default, Sensitive Comments appear above your Highlighted Comments. As with all comment categories, it’s also possible to filter only those comments marked as sensitive.

Learn more about why we built Sensitive Comments and how to create a safer workplace in the webinar below:

As part of our mission, we’re determined to help companies identify and address workplace misconduct. That’s why we’ve been working closely with our partners to provide the tools that give a voice to employees, and make sure they feel safe at work.

If you’re an existing Peakon customer, take a look at our help centre article to find out how it works, otherwise, click here to find out what Sensitive Comments can do for your organisation.