Supporting Your Employees’ Experience: Awareness, Transparency and Personal Progress Insights

Supporting Your Employees’ Experience: Awareness, Transparency and Personal Progress Insights
A healthy feedback loop begins with your employees. Not only do they need to know how they can share their feedback with the organisation, they also need to understand why it’s important and how they benefit from taking part in the process. Ensuring everyone in the business is aware of your engagement platform and successfully onboarded isn’t always easy though. In order to help you get more people involved in your organisations’ feedback loop, right from the beginning, we’ve added a number of features to spread awareness and make the whole process as transparent as possible. Starting today you can use these new Peakon employee experience features:
  1. Create awareness and excitement before the first survey is launched.
  2. Congratulate someone when they submit their first round of feedback, along with an explanation of how the process works and why their opinion is so important.
  3. Provide employees with personalised insights so they can see how their engagement changes over time and understand their part in the company’s engagement journey

Watch Deepa Daniels, Director of product explain the new features below:

Keep reading for a more in-depth look at each of these features.

Create awareness with customisable pre-survey communication assets

Clear communication about the Peakon engagement platform is the best way to ensure early adoption from your employees. Our pre-survey communication assets can be customised for different parts of your business, which means you adapt your message and branding of each unit to create the right level of anticipation and understanding. We have designed a series of easy-to-edit poster templates you can use to spread the word about your upcoming feedback round, which helps everyone in the organisation to get familiar with Peakon. The template provides easy-to-follow instructions, but there’s also a standard template you can use instead. Your Customer Success Manager will send you the customisable assets and support you with any questions or concerns you might have along the way.

Celebrate when someone submits their first feedback, explain Peakon and reassure their confidentiality with an animated “Thank You” page

“A first impression says everything.” It’s an opportunity to showcase the value, benefits and importance of your employee’s feedback during the very first interaction with Peakon. The aim of the first pulse survey experience is to make sure that every person in your organisation understands the value of Peakon and how it works. We use transparency and thoughtful design to create more excitement and involvement. Here’s exactly what happens after someone submits their first survey:
  1. Employees are congratulated for completing their first survey We explain why feedback from employees is important and showcase briefly how that feedback looks in their team leader’s dashboard
  2. Employees are reassured of their confidentiality, before receiving an explanation of how leaders can address their feedback
  3. Finally, employees are offered access to a much more detailed introduction of Peakon, including a walkthrough video of the dashboard and information on how employees’ data is treated, plus their rights according to GDPR

Supporting everyone reach their full potential: Insights for all employees in your organisation

Everyone’s daily experience at work, no matter their role, can be improved by being an active part of the feedback loop. Peakon is built to offer engagement insights that support everyone in your organisation reach their full potential. Until now, only executives and team leaders were able to see how engagement has changed over time. In order to get employees more involved in the feedback loop, you can now provide all of your employees with personal insights. When enabled, everyone in your business will be able to see how their engagement scores have changed over time and what their Peakon activity has been so far. This is how Peakon empowers you and your people with relevant insights
  • As an executive, your Peakon insights provide you an overview of how all people in your organisation are feeling at any given time. The highlighted areas allow you to get a granular understanding of specific areas that can be improved.
  • Team leaders can instantly understand the problems that their team is facing and surface great ideas which can solve these problems. The highlighted areas allow them to address feedback and take the most impactful actions with their team.
  • New – Employees can now see their personal engagement progress, including a visualisation of their most important feedback and how their engagement has changed over time. Along with their Peakon Activity, these help people understand how active they are in the feedback process and what areas they are most (and least) satisfied with.
Tony Piper, Development Coach at Inviqa was one of the first admins to enable this feature to his organisation.;
“We wanted to enable the employee insights so that everyone in the organisation could get a sense of their participation and progress.” Tony Piper Development Coach, Inviqa
Being able to understand how their engagement has changed over time gives employees more context and creates more accountability for being part of an engaged organisation and an active part of the feedback loop. Please talk to your Customer Success Manager if you want to enable these new features and for any other questions about the product, Deepa Daniels, director of product here at Peakon, will be happy to answer your questions.