COVID-19 Question Sets

  • Understand the impact of COVID-19 on your people
  • Measure the efficacy of your response measures
  • Transition back to the workplace successfully


COVID-19 Data and Articles

The latest articles and insights from our team on how to manage through the pandemic.


How can organisations stay close, while employees keep their distance?

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RETURN TO WORK: Navigating the next phase

How can organisations safely navigate the next phase of the pandemic?

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What we learned about creating an equitable remote working experience from Southern New Hampshire University

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DATA ANALYSIS: Manager wellbeing crisis

"It's utter madness": why it's time to start supporting managers through COVID-19.

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DATA ANALYSIS: Employee productivity

Employees globally are concerned their organisation doesn’t understand their productivity...

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CASE STUDY: AVO Consulting

How Avo Consulting increased engagement during a time of crisis.

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How Peakon can support your people

Ensure every employee has their voice heard

Peakon gathers feedback from every employee in your organisation by meeting them where they are, anonymously and in real time. Our highly accessible surveys are translated into more than 50 languages and delivered across all devices – via email, Slack, kiosk and SMS. They work anywhere, helping employers connect to remote workers across geographies and industries.


The right questions, answered in real time

We help organisations listen at the right time and automate what to ask, who to ask, and when to ask. Employees can voice their perspectives regularly through a single, connected survey experience that allows you to measure multiple dimensions — such as wellbeing, inclusion and support — while reducing administrative burden. Facilitating employee-led conversations is critical to engaging a remote workforce.

Acknowledge feedback and start a conversation

Acknowledgements let your employees know their feedback has been heard with a single click. With the ability to reply to comments in real-time and open up an anonymous dialogue, you can provide support when it is needed most. By providing clarification or following-up with actions that are taking place as a result of the feedback, leaders can show their employees that they are listening. 


Focus on key priorities and challenges

The intelligence of our platform helps to surface what’s actually happening in your organisation, so you can take action on what needs to be prioritised right now. You can see what’s working and what’s not as things shift rapidly. Each leader receives a personalised dashboard highlighting key topics and sensitive comments from their team, and identifying priority areas for them to work on.

Insights that drive action, not just measurement

Peakon provides everyone with quick and contextualised training, a curated content library, and recommended actions based on their feedback and personalised to their immediate needs. This helps managers at all levels convert feedback into action, and action into real change.


Track company-wide actions in one place

In lieu of meetings and emails, Peakon provides a single administrative overview of actions being logged and taken across your organisation. This allows you to support and collaborate with your people leaders to ensure employee concerns are being met in a timely and effective manner.

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