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Text100 take employee engagement to new heights with Peakon

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“Communication’s a huge challenge when you’re in 18 different countries and you’ve got people all over the globe,” explained Text100’s chief digital officer, James Beechinor-Collins. “We’re really working hard to find new ways to pull feedback from people across the business and get them more engaged in actually how we’re driving the business forward.”

When James first trialled Peakon in the company’s Park Avenue offices, he discovered employee feedback could be used in a fundamentally new way. “Moving to an always on model – which instantly tells you what’s going on – has just made a phenomenal difference. It’s phenomenal to see what people are saying, what they’re thinking and how that is changing over a period of time.”

Peakon gives you a level of insight that you’ll never have seen before in your business. I don’t understand how you can run a business today without something like Peakon.

James Beechinor-CollinsChief Digital Officer, Text100

With the wider roll-out of the platform, the leadership team began to see important differences between the experience of different teams and locations within the company. “One of the great things about Peakon is the dashboard and the ability to get in a segment and carve up data to really pinpoint where challenges are. In one of our offices earlier this year, we noticed there was a bit of a challenge around workload. We only discovered that because of the feedback we receive through Peakon. We’re starting to make an improvement, and we can see the results being reflected back.”

As James outlines in the video above, managers at Text100 embraced the insights from Peakon and the targeted improvements they enabled, while employees could quickly see a link between their input and the changes being made.

“Peakon is really easy for our employees. Once a week they get pinged on email or on the mobile app on their phones, and they just have three simple questions to answer. They can score one to ten, and tell us how they’re feeling on a particular topic at that point in time. You can also see from the type of comments and feedback that we’re getting – the actual feedback we’re getting from employees – is getting more sophisticated and more specific as well. I think they’re getting a better understanding that this is now a feedback cycle, they’re saying something, we’re responding to it, and they’re building on it again, and that’s really really powerful.

“Technology's always been a big part of what we do here at Text100, and Peakon gives you a level of insight that you’ll never have seen before in your business. I don’t understand how you can run a business today without something like Peakon.” 

Company Overview

Global marketing-communications agency, with more than 600 employee in 18 countries and 21 offices.


Text100 work with major technology brands including Microsoft, IBM, Vodafone, and Kayak.


Since adopting Peakon overall employee engagement has increased 15 percent.

Creative Space

Text100 employees speak highly of their work environment, scoring in the top 10 percentile of the Peakon benchmark.

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