April Product Announcements

April Product Announcements
Last month was a record month for the number of snow days in Copenhagen. This month has been a record month for the number of new features that the product team has released. While the majority of features in this post are the result of the invaluable feedback we receive from our client community, we’re also very proud to release another innovation that will optimise the actionable insights on your dashboard even further. Specifically, this new feature will automate the way in which you navigate through comments and will highlight the most important ones. I asked my colleague Jakob about the importance of this new innovation:
“Receiving “too many” employee comments is a treasure for any organisation; it means you’re receiving important and constructive team feedback. Our solution surfaces and highlights the most actionable and impactful comments given, which is invaluable to leaders, especially when their time is limited.” Jakob Nielsen Data Scientist
Here are all the newest tools we’ve added to your dashboard in March:


Highlighted Comments

Highlighted Comments is a new improvement to the product that optimises your comments view. Instead of having to read through all employee comments sorted by score or date, team leaders can now see comments ranked in order of priority. This means more time to focus on solutions, and less time spent trying to spot patterns and uncover insights hidden in the comment feed. Let’s take a look at what increases a comment’s ranking:
  • Extreme scores (low and high).
  • Direct advice (comments containing modal verbs like ‘could’ or ‘should’).
  • Optimal length (comments that are very short or long will have a lower ranking).
  • Comment recency (recent comments are more relevant than older ones).

Digest emails option for the end of a feedback round

So far, new comments or a survey completion would trigger a new daily digest email to your account. Now you can define when digest emails should be sent to you. For example, you can set new comment notifications to only be sent at the end of each round instead of daily (when applicable).


Action Reminders for accountable leaders

After the release of the Action planning feature in Peakon, we received many requests for Action reminders – and here it is. When managers are approaching the due-date for the initiatives they’ve added to their action plans in Peakon, they’ll now receive a notification in the dashboard and via email.


Multi-language limiting

Peakon is currently available in 40 languages so that your employees can have the optimum user experience while sharing their feedback with you. Nevertheless, if your organisation has a limited set of business languages, you can now restrict the survey so it’s only available for those you choose. It’s worth mentioning that the order you add the limited languages is important. If there is no explicit language set or detected for an employee, it will use the first language defined in the list.

Brand any question in your pulse surveys

In Peakon, every pulse survey can be individually branded. This is a valuable feature for organisations with multiple divisions since they can target each of their populations accordingly and provide a more streamlined experienced for employees. To make the branding of the surveys even more personal, we’ve made it possible to brand individual questions, including any custom questions you need to add. By adding “%s”, the name of your company will automatically appear in the survey question. Simple as that.


Enforce SSO to all users

Security is one of our top priorities. The single-sign on has been one of the most popular integrations so far, which is why we’ve added another layer of control. Administrators now have the option to limit dashboard logins to SSO. This means dashboard users will no longer be able to log in using just their email and password.

Attribute Date Ranges for more flexibility

One of the features we constantly work to improve at Peakon is the flexibility of your survey schedules. Targeting the right audience at the right time, with the right set of questions is very important. This latest update allows you to easily create custom date ranges for survey targeting. You can now set specific ranges for tenure or other date fields. For example, let’s say that you want to collect feedback just from employees who have been in the company for three months. Instead of creating a new attribute, you can now just change the targeted range of an existing one. Nevertheless, you have to be careful about how you use this feature as these custom ranges will not be included in your True Benchmark.

Drag and drop interface

You can now drag and drop attributes to reorder them. Simple, right? But what makes this feature so powerful is that reordering attributes in one place reorders them everywhere else at the same time, including the employee lists, employee create/edit and the segment selector on the segment dashboard pages. All you have to do is drag and drop while Peakon takes care of everything else in the background.

Define the exact End Survey Dates

This one will make your survey schedule planning so much easier! You can now override the end date of an upcoming survey round before it starts. With this feature, you will be able to plan your frequent survey rounds while avoiding bank holidays or any other dates that might conflict with the end of your survey. To make it even easier, it’s also possible to override the end date – even when data collection is already enabled. While you can see the features we’ve released for yourself, here’s a glimpse of the snow we’ve had in Copenhagen recently… From the Product team, Have a great month!