August Product Announcements

August Product Announcements

In August, we had one of the most exciting days of the year so far at Peakon. An initiative from our inspiring leader Deepa Daniels, Director of Product, with the contribution of lots of Peakons. Our very first family day, an employee-initiated event full of play which is here to stay. Imagine kids and dogs running around the office (maybe a few adults too), lots of balloons and as every summer occasion requires…lots of bubbles.

Our DIY bubble photobooth was a smash hit with all age groups!

Here are our key August product announcements:

Compare and report on your engagement scores for any time period

The only way to understand if your engagement scores are improving is to compare them with previous survey rounds. This can help you to identify which changes are having the biggest impact, and report on the most effective initiatives to your senior leadership.

We’ve added new functionality to the heatmap view in Peakon that allows you to compare the scores from your current survey round with those from any previous round. Previously, it was only possible to compare against the first or previous round. This makes it easier to visualise changes over time, and share the results with other people in the business.

New ways to support your team leaders 

Part of our mission at Peakon is to ensure that team leaders in the organisations we work with are acting on their team’s feedback. Every manager has their own approach, but we want to make sure that our product makes it as easy as possible for organisations to provide the support and guidance they need. We recently added some new features that do exactly that.

A new solution to identify and recognise leadership behaviour – Manager Usage Metrics

Acting on team feedback is a core leadership behaviour. That’s why it’s important for senior leaders in your business to be able to recognise managers who are demonstrating that behaviour – as they often go on to become your future leaders.

We’re excited to introduce Peakon’s Manager Usage Metrics. A real-time dashboard that provides you with an overview of how team leaders in your business are using Peakon to action employee feedback. A segmented breakdown of how Peakon is being adopted makes it easy to provide tailored training and support where needed, and identify power users that can be used as a source of best practice for the rest of the organisation.

Provide the right team insights to each of your people advisors without manual work

Since the launch of Hierarchical Segments in 2018, our customers have been able to automatically map their organisational structure in Peakon. This removes the need to establish relationships manually. For example, Peakon is able to recognise all the direct and indirect reports of team leaders and visualises their insights for quick analysis and reporting. 

Peakon can now also identify relationships between two specific people type attributes. For example, between a manager and their Human Resources Business Partner. This enables the HRBP to support the team leaders and their actions being taken within their area of responsibility.

The right insights for the right people

Provide managers with only the functionality they need through advanced targeting

We’ve introduced more advanced targeting to our Access Control settings. You can now specify which managers have access to which features, such as comment acknowledgements or shareable dashboards. This can be done based on individual people leaders or using specific segments within Peakon. For example, for managers that have not yet been trained on best practices of how to respond to employee comments, you can give them access to their team’s survey results, but restrict the ability to respond to comments. Once they receive the proper training, you can change their access permission.

Provide the right insights to the right people

Providing managers with the right level of functionality can help to ensure the smooth implementation of your people projects. Sometimes it’s also important to restrict the type of insights that users have access to – especially in the case of sensitive information.

A good example is limiting the number of managers that are able to view employee salary information. So far you could limit access to all managers in Peakon. With this new functionality, you can restrict access to specific employee attributes for certain managers populations, like a specific group of managers in a specific office location. 

You may also want to give your HR team access to employee data across the company, but restrict access to exclude certain segments such as the HR department, HR leaders segments, the CEO’s direct reports segment and similar.

That’s all for now, and as always, our support team is available for questions, or you can reach out to your CSM. For anything else, feel free to email me directly.