February Product Announcements

February Product Announcements

A great start to 2018 in the Peakon Product team with a new leader and improvements to the manager, admin and employee product experience 

We released a fresh, simplified manager dashboard along with new functionalities to benchmarking and conversations. We also enhanced our question illustrations and advanced the kiosk experience, whilst adding new tools to further support your employee management. On top of all of this, we launched our shiny new API.  Last but not least, we welcomed our new Head of Product, Deepa Daniels. Hooray! She grabbed this opportunity to say hi to you 🙂
“I m very happy to be working with the Product Development team and I look forward to hearing from you and better understanding the needs and challenges you face using Peakon.” Deepa Daniels Head of Product

Now for an overview of all the exciting product releases we made in the past month.

Office Location True Benchmark© attribute

True Benchmark© has already provided your teams with an accurate comparison. In addition to the tenure, age, gender, department and job level attributes, your personalised benchmark can now also correct for cultural differences between regions. Let us know what your team in the sunny Bahamas thinks about it. Enable it in your Benchmark settings and learn more about it here.

Simplified Manager Dashboard

The user experience has always been a top priority for our team and this latest version is the outcome of a whole bunch of feedback you shared with us. The new dashboard is simplified, even easier to read, and highlights the necessary actionable insights for each team leader. A logical, linear layout allows you to work your way down in a coherent order to fully understand your team.
  • More space for both the key drivers and highlighted segments areas of the dashboard.
  • Impact circles that provide a simpler way to understand how closely related each driver is to overall engagement.
  • Greater explanation of how Peakon develops the insights on the dashboard – hover over key terms for more detailed definitions and links to the help centre.
  • An expanded comments section, enabling you to quickly view the most recent comments from your team.
Once you and your managers get the hang of it please share some more feedback with Deepa. Just shoot her an email here.

Comments Overview

We are as excited to constantly improve the conversation features as you are to read all the comments from your people. But we know that sometimes there are a lot to get through! We are confident the new releases will put a big smile on your face – as they did to ours. You will save tonnes of time trying to understand, collaborate and respond to your teams’ feedback. Let’s check them out! You can now find all the Driver, Open-ended and Value comments on the same page. The best part; it’s not just an overview but a dynamic one.
  • Using the search bar you can search across all comments
  • View only the comments where action has been taken through a conversation or an acknowledgement
  • Click and view only a specific comment category e.g. your driver comments
  • Filter and view driver comments by score and driver (detractors – passives – promoters)
  • Segment open-ended comments by question
  • Filter and view value comments by score and value
  • Export any of the above views to Excel
And not only that – our designers, part of our product team, made some more UI and UX improvements. The new release is better optimised for mobile use after we observed that many of you are increasingly using Peakon on mobile devices. It’s now easier to understand and decode. You could even use that commute time to go through and manage your teams’ comments on your mobile device. Mads, our head of design is always up for a chat if you want to share your feedback with him and his team here.

Employee survey improvements

The team is constantly working on improving employees’ survey experience in line with employee usage of the product. The latest update which you have probably already noticed is our brand new illustrations, more inclusive than ever. We have updated all of them and look forward to hearing if you like them as much as we do. Here are some more functionalities we enabled for your targeted surveys:
  • Enable and disable value questions for each of your values for any of your populations
  • Employees can now use their first name and employee number to respond to a survey through the kiosks

New Employee Management features

Through your continuous feedback to our product team, the Peakon backend is getting more powerful! Check out these new additions which will make your life easier:
  • Map arbitrary text to standard or custom attributes
  • Re-enable bounced emails to ensure a high survey response rate
  • Import employees via CSV files

Data flow through our shiny Public API

We kept the best one for the end. Our RESTful API allows you to pull your engagement data directly from Peakon. Integrate with your own data sources, sync with your employee management directories, or build your own custom applications. You can learn more about it from all the documentation that Hugo, our amazing developer from Brazil, now located in Copenhagen, has put together for you here.  Hugo has been leading this project from the very beginning and is always happy to help and support you. If you have any questions or just want to find more, send him an email and say hi here.

Stay tuned

At the end of every month, we will be uploading an overview of the new features that the mighty product team has released. Stay tuned and share your feedback with us! From all the Product team Have a great month!