June Product Announcements

June Product Announcements

As our product continues to grow, so does our product team. And while it’s not possible to introduce every new member of the team in our monthly product announcement, this month I wanted you to meet Florentina, our in-house illustrator, who is focused on bringing our micro-courses to life.

Creativity takes courage’, and I’m grateful that Peakon allows me to live by that unspoken value. What I wanted most in my career was to instil emotion in a product that serves people and is about the people. At Peakon, I’m able to do that somewhere that is aligned very closely with my own values and beliefs.

Florentina Surel, Illustrator | Brand designer at Peakon

New contextual illustrations for Micro-Courses

Florentina’s first project was to bring Peakon’s Micro-Courses to life. You and your managers can see her illustrations when you access courses related to the Reward driver – which are also available from the course library in our Improve area. Take a look and let us know what you think!
Find the illustrated courses under the Reward driver for the following topics:

  • Conducting Salary Discussions
  • How we Determine What’s Fair

Another new update in the Improve area is our Featured Micro-course, which is designed to attract the attention of managers to a specific Micro-Course based on team priorities identified in Peakon.

Share your dashboard in 55 different languages

Our shareable dashboard is the easiest way for senior leadership to share the health of the organisation across the business. It can be shared on public dashboards or included as part of internal communications. Some organisations even make the dashboard available via their intranet, which is what we do here at Peakon. This transparency is important as engagement is everyone’s business.

This solution is also useful for managers when sharing team engagement scores and starting discussions about how to improve. Teams can review their strengths and priorities together. They can celebrate their wins and discuss their concerns. Ultimately, they can plan the right actions for improvement together with their manager. Shareable dashboards also make it easy to hold each other accountable and review progress over time in the most transparent way possible.

Until now, the shareable dashboard was always localised based on the user’s browser language. Now you can choose from 55 different languages using a simple dropdown, as shown below.

Employee feedback available in 55 different languages

Do you speak Flemish? Chances are that you don’t, but your employees might. Currently, there are 6.5 million native Flemish speakers across Belgium, the Netherlands and France. At Peakon we strive to provide the best survey experience for all employees, no matter where they are or what language they speak – which is why we’ve added Flemish to our list…

Fun fact, Google Translate doesn’t have Flemish. Peakon does!

Topics Beyond Translation

In our May announcement, we shared an exciting update to our Topics feature, which allows senior leaders to easily identify areas of opportunity and concern based on employee comments across the business. As a result, Topics now provides more:

  • Personalisation
  • Context
  • Measurement

In June, the team added even more options for personalisation. Apart from the ability to translate topics, including related comments, it’s also possible to view and filter topics based on the language in which they were initially created.

That’s all for now.

Our support team is always available for questions, or you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager. For anything else, feel free to email me directly.

From the sunny shores of Copenhagen, see you in a month’s time.