June Product Announcements

June Product Announcements
It’s been an exciting month for the product team. On top of all the new features that we have released, we’ve added four new people to the team, who’ll we be introducing you to in upcoming blog posts. We’ve also had a few weeks of record temperatures in Copenhagen, plus an unprecedented number of visits from our colleagues in Berlin, London and New York. Before we jump into the latest feature releases, we’d like to introduce our newest product manager, Stine Rosenbeck.
“Peakon is on a mission to help companies create conditions that allow everyone to both do their very best work and love their job. I couldn’t wish for a better company purpose and I’m massively excited about being a part of that journey.” Stine Rosenbeck Product Manager
Now onto the latest updates and releases for May where the team worked on the Platform, Feedback, Insights and Action

Sync your employees and log in to your dashboard quickly, securely and cost-efficiently through your Okta Integration

Peakon provides off-the-shelf integrations which allow you to sync with your HRIS (like Hi-bob and Workday) or log in to Peakon securely using single sign-on (SSO). We recently added Okta to our list of partners, which gives you even more options for syncing your HRIS and using SSO. Some of the benefits include:
  • Less manual work uploading data in Excel sheets
  • Making sure all of your employee data stays up-to-date in Peakon
  • A more convenient and secure way to log in to your Peakon dashboard
You can find more information about Okta and Peakon here.

Enable your units to add and manage “local” questions and schedules

We work with global organisations that have complex structures and multiple business units around the world. While it’s important to use a unified question set to measure engagement across the business, in some cases, it’s necessary to add specific questions for different business units. Instead of trying to manage these custom questions and schedules centrally, Peakon administrators can now allow local admins to plan and manage their own schedules and question sets.

Find Employee populations easily: Search by Timezone and Language

Another feature we’ve added for organisations with offices around the world is the ability to filter employees by language and timezone. These new filter options allow you to check that employees have been set up with the correct information so that they will receive their survey in the right language at the right time of the day.

Navigate to any step of your survey with a click: Review your current progress, responses so far and make changes at any point

In case you haven’t seen it yet, we have updated the survey progress bar. The newly updated progress bar allows employees to review and edit their responses at any point before they submit their feedback. Specifically, the new functionality allows employees to:
  • View the estimated completion time
  • Provide a hover-over view of each score and comment throughout the survey
  • Navigate with a click to any step that you want to edit

Easy preview of the Employees Summary, before enabling it to all of your people

Engagement is everyone’s business and our latest Employee Experience features really support this motto. To make sure that you and each of your Admins understand the content in these new employee pages, we have created a preview of how they look using sample data. Within your Schedule Settings you can easily preview the post-survey thank you page for new users and the Engagement Summary page that goes out to everyone else. Quick tip: In order to preview the page make sure you enable it first. If you decide you don’t want to include these pages in your next schedule, you can also disable this feature, but we highly recommend that you enable these insights for your people.

Understand the most popular themes discussed in your organisation at a glance

Topics is a powerful text analysis feature, trusted by department heads who may see thousands of new comments a month, or tens of thousands for Executives. Topics are the aggregation of these comments into specific themes and issues that people care about – and provide what the sentiment around certain subjects is. We wanted to improve the experience for these busy users even more. To do so, we have now enabled an easier way to preview Topics without ever leaving the Team Leaders overview. By hovering over a Topic, users get an overview of the theme that Peakon has identified through a digestible summary. You can then decide if you want to dive deeper and view all of the comments associated with that topic.

Filter comments where action has not been taken yet

Responding to employee feedback and addressing specific issues is an important part of completing the feedback loop. Users can already filter for comments where an action has been taken, but now it’s possible to do the same for comments that are still awaiting a response and/or acknowledgement. This feature makes it less likely that managers will overlook employee feedback and miss out on opportunities to improve engagement. Rest assured that Peakon will continue to evolve over the next few weeks, especially with all the exciting new additions to our product team, our clients’ inputs and our exciting product roadmap. In the meantime, I hope you’ll make the most of the sunny days wherever you are in the world. Petros from the product team