Listen Up: Our Top Five Business Podcasts

Listen Up: Our Top Five Business Podcasts

Finding fresh ideas is a huge part of running a successful company. An Ernst & Young survey of business leaders found that all middle-market companies want to increase the time spent on future strategy and that one-third of leaders at high growth companies think 80% of their time should be spent looking forwards.

If you can’t afford to spend so long dreaming up plans for world domination, business podcasts are a great help. They can be enjoyed while you’re on a break or on the move, which is particularly handy for the 3.7 million UK workers who spend at least two hours a day commuting.

To ensure you get the most out of your idea exploration, we’ve listed our five favourite business podcasts and why they’re worth your time.

The Tim Ferriss Show, Tim Ferriss

Tim’s podcast consistently tops the business podcast charts. Each week he features an inspiring guest who shares the secrets of their success, from morning routine to reading material. Not all are from the world of business, but there’s plenty to learn from the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Planet Money, NPR

Naturally, this show from US National Public Radio (NPR) has an American focus. But the accessible way it breaks down major economic issues into a digestible format means it’s worth a listen no matter where you’re based. The hosts’ amusing commentary makes an entertaining story out of topics like trading debt, the rise of the electronic spreadsheet and “how stuff gets cheaper”.

Start-Up Stories, FT

This series really gets under the skin of the UK’s most exciting startups. Through four series of interviews with entrepreneurs, Start-Up Stories profiles successful new businesses, uncovers their strategies and explores their context within the wider economy.

HBR IdeaCast, Harvard Business Review

Fronted by some of the biggest names in business and economics, as well as top figures from Harvard and the HBR, these 20-30 minute powerhouse podcasts address in-depth and interesting topics from around the globe. With broad topics like ‘How Authority and Decision-Making Differ Across Cultures‘ and ‘Why Finance Needs More Humanity, and Why Humanity Needs Finance‘, you’re bound to be inspired.

Corporate Warrior, Lawrence Neal

One for the time-saving execs, Corporate Warrior is a three-in-one podcast about fitness, business and productivity. Fronted by highly-praised (and often ‘featured’) English podcaster Lawrence Neal, it delves deep into surprising specifics over its lengthy one-to-two hour run time, and features a range of special guests.