May Product Announcements

May Product Announcements
After a successful first quarter, we’ve managed to keep the momentum going well into Q2. This month I’m writing from Berlin, but I’ll tell you more about that later. The team has worked hard to deliver improvements in two of our key areas:
  • The way each employee experiences and benefits from Peakon
  • New functionality for the needs of complex organisational structures
Deepa, head of product talks about the employee experience improvements;
“The lifeblood of Peakon is millions of employee responses and comments. Each response represents personal experiences, feelings and engagement. We’ve spent time elevating the employee user experience in Peakon to ensure that they are reassured about their confidentiality, and understand that their continuous feedback is valuable to the employee experience across their organization and therefore their personal satisfaction.” Deepa Daniels Head of Product

Employee awareness, excitement and involvement

The Peakon experience is easy, interesting and intuitive. Most employees realise this instantly, but we wanted to make it easier to ensure a greater level of understanding, participation and involvement from the first time your employees use Peakon – and every interaction after that.

It all starts from the corridors; Pre-survey communication assets

Before the first survey is rolled out, these easy-to-edit poster templates will help you spread the word about your upcoming feedback round and help employees to get familiar with Peakon. Make sure you add the relevant dates, messaging and branding for each part of the business. Our design team has created all the assets and instructions you need to get started. Fun fact: The HR department of one of our partners decided to print the designs on T-shirts and wear them on the day their first survey went out, while also going around the different departments and talking to employees about it.

Celebrating your employees’ first feedback; Post 1st survey thank you page

The first time your employees complete a pulse survey is the most important. It’s a chance to ensure that everyone in the organisation understands how Peakon works and what the benefit is for everyone involved. Each employee, upon the completion of their first survey, receives their animated thank you page. The interactive animation celebrates their feedback, explains the importance of every employee’s feelings, ideas and concerns and reassures each of them about their confidentiality. It also explains how engagement is an interactive and collaborative process. In each of these steps, employees get the chance to follow links and discover more about Peakon through videos and text, including how their confidentiality and data is handled. The thank you page will only appear after their first feedback is submitted.

Every employee deserves a view of their progress; Personal employee insights

After the completion of each round, team leaders receive their aggregated team feedback as actionable insights. These help them understand how their team feels while guiding them to improve overall engagement. What’s more, every employee now receives personalised insights showcasing their progress and engagement after completing a survey. In contrast to manager insights, employee insights are not shareable and can only be viewed by the individual who submitted the feedback. Giving your employees access to personal insights is optional and needs to be enabled by an administrator – but we strongly recommend using the feature.

Reactivate employees that lost momentum; Breaking the email content pattern

The participation rates our partners have been reporting are very high and well above the average rate they were in the past. Nevertheless, our goal will always be to get everyone within the organisation to share their voice through Peakon. We have observed that employees who reach their 4th survey round but haven’t submitted a response are hard to activate again in the feedback loop. We also found out that sometimes you only need to break a pattern (before it’s too late) to bring them back. Therefore we have created a proactive process that’s triggered automatically before an employee reaches that point. Our goal is to activate them again so that they start building momentum early and become an active part of the feedback loop. You can view the content of the new email and learn more about it here

Improved UI and new functionality for complex organisations

A new access management dashboard designed with simplicity in mind

Peakon gives you the ability to provide access to whoever needs it, and for you to control exactly what they see based on their team or reporting line. Features can be restricted to certain groups, giving you the power to pilot them before rolling out across the entire organisation. The new access management dashboard is designed for administrators who need multiple access groups to segment thousands of team leaders. After a lot of feedback from you, the new powerful user interface now allows you to effortlessly identify and find any user within any access group, understand their activity in Peakon while managing and easily viewing each team leader’s access to features.


Communicate your core values in the language of the employees

Peakon surfaces people’s experience of the values. Besides the numerical scores which indicate how aligned they are with the current culture, employees’ share their comments to describe their experience. They use specific words and highlight behaviours when they have seen these values being upheld (or contradicted) in the company. It’s this kind of feedback that’s a goldmine of insight for an organisation. To receive the right feedback you need to ask the question in the right language. All Value questions are now translatable, which means people can respond in their own language. This can give you an understanding of how your values are perceived and embodied by each of your people, regardless of which language they speak.

Identify changing dynamics; Evaluate progress between rounds

It’s important for team leaders to understand how their engagement scores have changed between rounds. Being able to evaluate the changes that have happened across segments can help you understand the impact of the actions taken. The timeline in your dashboard is a great way to track the progress over time. For a far more granular view of the progress between rounds, you can now compare scores visually within your intuitive heatmap. By choosing the heatmap view “difference to previous round” you can evaluate the effects of your actions and identify any emerging issues. This new view allows team leaders to track their progress through a more detailed view in their heatmap.

Report automatically on more granular metrics

One of the most powerful insights that Peakon provides is the segments created according to employee attributes. Peakon highlights segments as strengths or priorities depending on the difference to the benchmark. To make this feature more powerful, we’ve made it possible to create new targeted segments by combining two existing attributes. Your organisation might have certain metrics and themes that are more important than others. For example, it may be important for an organisation with multiple locations across the world to dive into the insights of specific departments in the different locations. Viewing this information so far in Peakon has been possible by filtering and viewing the insights of the affiliated segments. To improve access and offer more granular insights it is now possible to combine two attributes and automatically create all the targeted segments that your organisation wants to report on – without additional work for admins. All you need to do is choose the two intersecting attributes – without having to add new attributes and values to employee records. The segments created by this attribute are treated as regular segments and can be used for targeting survey schedules or drilling down to uncover more nuanced insights.

A downloadable presentation that works for everyone

While collaborating and reporting on your team’s engagement, it’s important to be able to showcase all steps of the feedback loop in an easy-to-understand way. The need for simplicity is especially necessary when the audience you’re presenting to isn’t familiar with Peakon and its’ engagement methodology. After collecting feedback from partners who use the downloadable presentation, we have updated the design so that it’s easier for you to communicate effectively with anyone in and out of the organisation. You can download and share the presentation now – and let us know if you have more feedback!


Sync employee records fast, easy and secure; Off-the-shelf HRIS integrations

Importing your employee records is one of the first steps when getting everything set up on Peakon. It’s also vital to keep these records up-to-date so that your insights are always accurate. The easiest, fastest and most secure way is syncing Peakon with your Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Peakon is built to allow a seamless and straightforward integration with your HRIS. New employees are added automatically, and any changes are securely synchronised – allowing you to focus more time on improving your team. So far Peakon has offered an off-the-shelf integration with BambooHR, and you can now also benefit from our ready-to-use HiBoB integration. If you are using any other HRIS, our team will be able to help you by using our open SCIM 2.0 API – trusted by the likes of Google, Slack and Peakon. If you want to learn more about all possible ways to import and update employee records in Peakon we created this page for you here. We are celebrating our first quarter after hitting all of our goals and everyone in the company is excited about the future. I’m writing this from our quarterly offsite in Berlin, where we’re planning even more amazing features for you to use in Peakon.
Be More Mural from the Peakon team on the Berlin walls
Viele Grüße aus Berlin, Petros from the product team