November Product Announcements

November Product Announcements

This month we launched our new manager mobile app, along with a few updates that encourage manager adoption and make it easier to take action on employee feedback.

The only app for managers and their teams designed exclusively to improve engagement

We’ve developed a mobile app that provides managers with a simplified view of their team’s engagement, which in turn reduces the time it takes to act on employee feedback, and makes it possible for people leaders to get results on the go.

Version two of the app is already in development and will allow managers to increase their team’s engagement using recommended actions, and tap into Micro-Courses to develop their leadership skills. We’re also working an Android version of the app.

Micro-Course updates

We’re constantly updating our Micro-Courses to make them more engaging and ensure team leaders have the resources they need to become more effective leaders. This month our Organisation Development Science team introduce a number of new updates.

  • Completed course summaries to help with memory retention
  • Progress updates for each course to improve completion rates
  • Contextual illustrations to make learning more inclusive and engaging
  • Streamlined navigation on non-desktop devices for better overall usability
  • A lighter theme that enhances the overall user experience

Simplified view of individual question scores

An overview of individual question scores can now be found on the Question Score Page

The question score page separates out an individual question score from the aggregated driver score. Question scores give you a more granular understanding of how employees feel about a specific aspect of a driver, while Driver Scores are an aggregation of the question scores that fall under a particular driver.

That’s all for now, and as always, our support team is available for questions, or you can reach out to your CSM. For anything else, feel free to email me directly.