September Product Announcements

September Product Announcements
Before we jump into the latest features that have been added to the platform, we wanted to welcome a few new members of the product team. They’ll be working on some big launches over the next few months, but their first challenge as part of the team was to find their way out of an escape room. Our aim is to keep you updated on the latest updates and releases, but we hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of what it’s like working at Peakon. We try to live our values so that we can provide you with the best possible product, but for now, let’s take a look at the latest updates.

Our survey is now available in 41 languages (and counting)

Localisation is extremely important for the organisations we work with. We recently added Slovenian and Serbian to Peakon, bringing us up to a new record of 41 languages, giving even more employees the option to add feedback in their native language. Find out more about all the supported languages in our localisation article here

Senior leaders can now generate a report of their direct managers with a click

In July we launched Hierarchical Segments, which allows managers to automatically map and visualise their engagement data based on hierarchies within their teams. The best display of the hierarchies can be seen in your heatmap. In this new update, we have simplified the way that senior leaders with multiple direct and indirect reports can isolate and compare just the teams reporting directly to them. This quick view is called “child segments”. It’s created automatically and is available in your segments dropdown in the heatmap. Within the same view, the hierarchical segments automation will still allow you to drill down into each of these managers and their direct reports to gain deeper insights. You can see the feature in action below, or read more about it here.

Reporting to non-Peakon users in a more granular way: Export a heatmap with your hierarchical segments in a spreadsheet

If you are using hierarchical segments you can now export your engagement scores from the heatmap. You will have the option to add your top segments or your fully mapped hierarchy. The heatmap export is valuable when you need to report on your engagement data to non-Peakon users and with this new option, you can select the level of granularity. Here’s what it looks like:

Team leaders can report on their engagement progress from day one using the heatmap

One of the most popular reporting tools team leaders use in Peakon is their engagement progress using the “difference to previous round” view within the heatmap. We have just added an additional report allowing you to view your progress since the very first round of feedback from your team. Your timeline allows you to report on the engagement scores for each round. The “difference to previous” and “difference to first round” views in the heatmap offer you a way to instantly understand your team’s progress over time. My collegue Brett explains it in detail in this Help Centre article.

Provide the most relevant data to your team leaders: Choose the level of attribute restriction

Restricted attributes is an invaluable feature. It prevents team leaders from being burdened with data and insights that aren’t relevant to their role. This is usually sensitive data which require special attention and should be handled by HR and senior leadership teams. A good example is when comparing segments by gender or salary. Similarly, salary information is not always relevant information for team leaders to have. There are some occasions though when certain employee data could be useful to a team leader, whereas the insights in their dashboard aren’t. In cases like these, you can now easily choose the right levels of restriction for each access group in your settings. You can watch a video and read more about restricting certain attributes here.

3 new functionalities to improve your team leader’s Action Planning

After the initial launch of our action planning feature in October 2017, we have been happy to see how Managers are taking ownership of their engagement initiatives. Actions have helped to make team leaders accountable and improve collaboration within teams. We’ve gathered a lot of feedback since then and are planning to launch some exciting updates. In the meantime, we delivered a few small improvements which will help you and your managers with your current actions plans:
  • Peakon will now notify managers when a new action is added by a senior leader (usually their manager) to their action plan.
  • You can now archive uncompleted actions (for example if you created it by mistake)
  • Completed an action? Well done! Once you tick that action off, Peakon will now move it to a separate “completed” view along with all other completed actions.
You can read more about action plans in Peakon and this latest update here. We hope you’ll be able to start making use of these updates soon. Stay tuned for our next product improvements and for any questions our team at is always available to help. Feel free to share any feedback you might have as well.