Track and Support Action Plans across Your Business with Our New Actions Overview

Track and Support Action Plans across Your Business with Our New Actions Overview
Collecting employee feedback can help you understand how your employees are feeling, but that doesn’t count for much without appropriate follow-up. Peakon gives you a way to close the feedback loop so that employees know that managers have not only acknowledged their feedback, but taken responsibility for developing a plan of action. After launching Actions last year we have seen strong adoption from managers. We also received feedback from senior leaders that they needed an easier way to monitor the actions taken by each of their managers, which is why we created our new Actions Overview. Actions Overview gives senior leaders visibility of the actions being taken within their teams, and encourages managers to act on their feedback by adding another layer of accountability. It also allows senior management and HR departments to monitor and support any initiatives that are being implemented.

What are Actions?

Peakon’s Action feature is a great way to address priorities areas, and ultimately, increase the overall engagement of your people. When priorities are identified, Peakon automatically suggests short- and long-term actions to help managers to act on their team’s feedback. For example, suggested actions for improving Growth could include:
  • Comfort Zones: Find ways to push your employees out of their comfort zone
  • Mentorship Meetings: Encourage employees to set up bi-weekly mentor meetings
  • Growth Needs: Discuss growth needs with each of your employees
Peakon's suggested actions This makes it easy for managers to identify and implement improvements off the back of a recent survey round. Managers are also able to add their own custom actions to the priority driver, as well as add actions to drivers that aren’t currently flagged as a priority.  Once actions have been set, managers can share their dashboard with their team to give employees visibility of the steps that are being taken. Involving employees in the engagement process like this is a great way to encourage continued survey participation. If you want to learn about our Actions feature in more detail, take a look at our Actions webinar.

Why do you need a plan?

It’s not rocket science; if you ask your employees for feedback and then fail to act on it, you aren’t going to see an improvement in employee engagement. In fact, surveying your team and not taking any follow-up action can actually have a detrimental effect on engagement levels. In a 2006 Gallup study, researchers surveyed employees and sorted them into quartiles based on their response to the statement “Action plans from the last survey have had a positive impact on my workplace. They discovered that employees who had experienced positive changes as a result of the previous survey also displayed a 10% increase their employee engagement scores. Those in the lowest quartile saw their engagement scores decrease by an average of 3%. Making a plan and acting on it is the most important part of the employee engagement journey.

How we’ve made Actions better

Since launching Actions we’ve seen many managers improve their engagement scores by collaborating with their teams. After employees share their confidential feedback, managers are encouraged to work together with their team to create an action plan to addresses priority areas. The feedback loop We developed our new Actions Overview to provide senior leaders with a better way to view and track the progress of actions created by their direct reports. By improving this visibility, managers can be held more accountable for rectifying issues within their teams, and senior leadership can easily provide the support and resources needed to solve them. The new My Team Actions tab offers a summary of every action being taken by each manager reporting upwards to you. From here, additional actions can be added to each manager directly, or you can dive into each manager’s personal dashboard view to get a better understanding of their engagement data. The video below shows the new Actions Overview feature in use and explains its functionality in more detail:
To learn more about viewing and assigning actions to your managers, check out our help centre article.

Getting the most out of Actions

In order to see real improvements in employee engagement, it’s important that employees are involved in the action planning process, managers are held accountable for their performance, and HR and senior leaders support the implementation of action plans. Below are ten tips that can help you create more effective action plans and get the most out of Peakon’s latest feature:
  1. Remind employees that their voice matters – participation in the survey is what helps you identify which actions to take.
  2. Review the driver scores on your dashboard – concentrate your time and effort on the Priorities that Peakon has identified.
  3. Take a look at your Suggested Actions – these are easy initiatives to implement, or can act as inspiration for your own.
  4. Co-create an action plan with your team – have an open team session for idea creation and see what resonates most with them.
  5. Add your own actions – when creating actions, we recommend making sure they are focused, impactful and time-bound (FIT).
  6. Set ~2 actions per Priority driver – add one “quick win” and one larger, more strategic action that should take around three months to complete.
  7. Share your actions with your team – making them visible helps you as a leader to stay accountable.
  8. Regularly revisit the status of actions with your team – this allows you to communicate progress and highlight anything that might prevent an action from being completed.
  9. Celebrate the completion of an action – acknowledge the changes you’ve implemented and remind your team that this was achieved thanks to their feedback.
  10. Track your improvement in your timeline – this allows you to understand, and communicate, the impact of your action plans.
Improving employee engagement won’t happen without taking action on the feedback you receive, so make sure the Actions feature is enabled within your organisation. As always, your feedback is very important to us. Please share your thoughts, experience and any concerns with us at, or by speaking to your Customer Success Manager. We would love to hear what you think.