Peakon launches on the Government Digital Marketplace

Neil Ryland
Peakon launches on the Government Digital Marketplace

We are delighted to announce that Peakon, Europe’s most trusted solution for real time employee engagement, is now available on the G-Cloud 9 Digital Marketplace.

Designed to make it easier for public-sector organisations to procure approved cloud-based solutions, the G-Cloud has generated over £1.5bn in cumulative sales since its launch in 2012. This includes over £875m with small- and medium-sized businesses.

Since our launch in 2015, we have remained committed to our mission statement to turn all jobs into journeys for people by improving their engagement and job satisfaction. We are very proud to have companies such Old Mutual Wealth, Zoopla Property Group, and the Ministry of Justice joining us on this mission. We believe that now more than ever our public service workers need to be heard and have the opportunity to improve their work life on a day to day basis. In the last publicly available annual employee engagement survey for the civil service in 2015, on average 57% of the public sector workforce felt engaged and this was a declining trend. With so much change across political landscape in 2016, it is clear that even more uncertainty is on the cards. 

Peakon automatically collects employee engagement feedback, analyses the survey data, and delivers back the insights you need to improve your business. It provides real-time measurements of what’s working, and what isn’t, for groups of employees in a business through pulse surveys and comprehensive data analysis. With EU data centres to protect the sovereignty of our customers’ data and GDPR compliance, Peakon provides a secure platform for managing employee engagement across your departments and teams to reduce hiring costs, improve retention, increase employee productivity, and develop effective business strategies.

We are extremely excited to be part of such a successful framework that helps governments make huge savings on technology to drive efficiencies and innovation. Most importantly, since our launch on the G-Cloud 9, the Peakon team are very passionate about making the UK Government the most engaged workforce in the world!

For more information, please visit us on the G-Cloud digital marketplace at:

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