Help Us Be More. Be Mo. This Movember

Help Us Be More. Be Mo. This Movember

At Peakon, We Care — it’s one of our seven company values. For us, this means that we always act with kindness, generosity and empathy to each other, our customers, and the wider community.

It’s something that’s not just important to us inside the office, but beyond it as well — and it defines who we are and how we act in our daily lives and in the world around us. That’s why this November, we’re showing what it means to us to care, with the launch of our “Be More. Be Mo.” initiative. Trust us — it’s going to really grow on you.

Across all five of our offices from London to Auckland, our Peakons will be growing their mos for 30 days — and taking part in a whole host of other activities — in support of Movember, a month-long charity initiative held in November each year to raise awareness and funds for men’s testicular, prostate and mental health charities.

And whether our Peakons’ follicular fashion of choice is bushy like Tom Selleck, surrealist like Salvador Dalí or academically distinguished like our heroes of engagement Oldham and Hackman, we can’t wait to see our people grow their whiskers in the name of charity.

With that in mind, we moustache you a very important question: Can you help us?

We’ve set a target to raise €10,000 to support the cause. Whether you donate, grow your mo, or spread the word on what we’re doing on social media — or all three — we need you to help us help save lives all over the world.

So, dads, brothers, sons, uncles and grandads: Lend us your beards. Mums, sisters, daughters, aunties and grandmas: Join in too. Together we can make a huge difference and help men stop dying too young.

Be More. Be Mo.

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