Human Capital Analytics Conference

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This event has established itself as a premier forum for HCA leaders. For this 14th year, the HCA Conference will build on that success and the depth of experience gained over the years to deliver a thoughtful program that delivers compelling content both for the seasoned practitioner looking to fine-tune their HCA function and those emerging users looking to grow and develop the function. We will be there offering practical guidance on how to grow your HCA function with the help of our tool.


Ray Serina
Sales Development Representative
Ray Serina
Ray has been with the stateside Peakon team since day one. Although beginning his career as a practising lawyer, Ray was keen to pursue his interest in making the workplace better and is now an integral part of the US sales team. When he’s not working tirelessly to drive a deal, you’ll find him (and most probably hear him) at sports games and concerts throughout New York!