The Employee Voice

The Employee Voice

Find out what employees want, and how employers are responding. Insights from over 11 million survey comments.

What's Inside

The dynamic between employee and employer is changing, and now employees are starting to become more vocal about their needs.

This two-way dialogue between employees and their employers is something that’s critical for employee engagement. Not only acknowledging employee feedback, but acting on it.

Drawn from over 11 million survey comments, Heartbeat: The Employee Voice deep dives into the data behind the world of work to find out what employees are saying — and whether their organisations are actually listening.

What you will learn

  • What are employees talking about?
  • What is prompting employees to speak up?
  • The state of the employee voice by industry
  • The state of the employee voice by region

“We’ve always said that listening to your employees is important, and now we have the evidence to prove it.”

Dan Rogers, Co-Founder and CMO

A deep dive into the data behind the world of work.

Hjælp alle i din organisation med at opnå deres fulde potentiale

Peakon indsamler feedback fra medarbejderne, analyserer det og giver dig den indsigt, du har brug for, til at forbedre din virksomhed i realtid.