How A Global Tech Company Turns Weekly Feedback Into Action With Peakon

About CDK: With more than $2 billion in revenue, CDK Global is evolving the experience for automotive dealers and their customers in 100 countries around the world, serving over 27,000 dealerships. Sherri Dublin, Director of Employee Engagement and Inclusion, tells us more about her experience with Peakon so far. Industry: Technology Company Size: 8,500 Region: United States Survey Frequency: Weekly

What We Needed

  • An agile, more frequent approach to collecting employee feedback
  • Real-time data and insights that could inform strategic people decisions
  • Provide all of our people leaders with the insights to own engagement

Why Peakon

  • All-in-one platform. Peakon makes it easy for managers to acknowledge feedback, start conversations and access learning resources in one place.
  • Predictive analytics. Being able to look at our employee data across so many different segments and attributes — including the lifecycle of an employee.
  • Level of customer support. The Peakon Team is responsive, knowledgeable, and skillful, helping us to problem solve and always consider best practices.

How Peakon Helped

  • Provide clarity during organisational change. We were able to identify, and address a lack of understanding about our new Strategy and Mission.
  • Improve product quality. Employees wanted to know about our product and technology road map. We listened and developed a robust communication approach that featured updates from our product and technology team.
  • Benchmark the success of a new Values initiative. Peakon gave us the insights to show senior leaders that investing in our employees was having an impact.
  • Connect action to the employee voice. We now have the data and insights to highlight the impact and ROI of investing in new initiatives.
  • Respond to ongoing business disruptions. Surveying our people weekly meant Executive leaders had the insights to address employees concerns quickly.

Growth & Impact

  • +20% increase in response rates compared to a traditional annual survey
  • 0.4 point increase in Engagement from 7.3 to 7.7
  • 31 eNPS, with 49% of the organisation responding as promoters
  • Increased participation from 51% after first survey in January to 80% in May
“With Peakon we’re able to give our leaders something that’s easy to use and helps them drive engagement at both a team and organisational level.”  Sherri Dublin, Director, Employee Engagement and Inclusion