How Delivery Hero Manage Their Global Employee Engagement Strategy

Delivery Hero is a food delivery service that operates in over 40 different countries around the world. Though their name might not be immediately recognisable, you’ll almost certainly be familiar with some of the 28 brands they operate, which include PedidosYa in Latin America, foodora across Europe and North America, and foodpanda in Asia. In May 2018, Delivery Hero went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Now a company with over 17,000 employees in five continents, Delivery Hero face the challenge of maintaining their success despite the difficulties that come with having a dispersed, global workforce.

How do you understand your company culture across 40 different countries?

Every global business wants to provide an exceptional experience for their customers. The best way to do this is by providing an exceptional experience for your employees. When people are engaged with their work, great customer service, productivity, and profitability follow. The biggest challenge that Delivery Hero immediately faced was in understanding the daily experience – and levels of engagement – of more than 17,000 people across the globe. The organisation needed to find a solution that allowed them to collect regular employee feedback in multiple languages, and that could provide insight on the entire business. That responsibility fell to Dana Timar – Senior Manager, Strategic Projects – based at the company’s HQ in Berlin. “When we decided to bring Peakon in, we understood how fragmented we were. We understood that we had no global system to monitor our people,” explains Dana. Without a way to understand the issues encountered by employees in different parts of the world, it was difficult for Dana and the senior leadership team to form an effective global strategy, and provide the right support to different regions. Leadership at Delivery Hero risked making decisions in isolation which may have been at odds with local priorities.
“It’s one thing to sit together as senior leaders around a table and try to come up with ideas for improvement and innovation in a company. It’s a completely different thing to ask the end user [about the] services the company is providing”Dana Timar Senior Manager, Strategic Projects
Instead of relying on anecdotal and outdated data to trickle up from regional leaders, Peakon has enabled Delivery Hero to get real-time feedback from employees around the world. This feedback makes it easier for senior management in Berlin to assess the overall health of the company, and incorporate the priorities of each market into their local and global strategies. This could be a focus on improving growth opportunities for employees in one region, or remedying communication challenges in another.

Giving managers the insight to address regional priorities

It’s one thing to understand the issues facing different parts of the company around the world, but how do you address them effectively when you’re thousands of miles away? While the first step is to build informed people strategies, how can you be sure they’re being implemented correctly? The answer lies in empowering managers. Every manager at Delivery Hero has access to their own Peakon dashboard, which provides them with the insights needed to address specific issues within their own teams. This allows managers to quickly resolve local issues as they arise, while also collaborating with People Operations on larger strategic projects. Delivery Hero use Peakon’s Actions feature to support action-planning and collaboration across the organisation. Actions Overview provides HR and leadership with a view of all the initiatives being taken by the managers who report upwards to them, and allows them to monitor progress, provide relevant support, and hold managers accountable for implementing the organisation’s people strategies. Delivery Hero employees The company has also incorporated Peakon into their manager training so that every manager feels able to interpret and action their feedback. This was particularly important when managers first started using Peakon. As Dana explains, “Peakon results will not always be favourable. I know that whenever managers had a lot of red in their reports, we had to tell them ‘It’s OK. That’s actually where innovation happens.’” Giving regional managers the training and autonomy to address problems, without having to wait for guidance from HQ, allows them to solve issues quickly and effectively. It also gives them an opportunity to apply their local expertise and develop a plan of action that accounts for cultural differences.

Why Delivery Hero made employee engagement a global KPI

Increasing the capability of managers and empowering them to drive improvement in employee engagement is an integral part of Delivery Hero’s people strategy. In order to ensure that everyone in the business buys into this vision, Delivery Hero have incorporated their engagement metrics into their organisational KPIs. Firstly, this sends a clear message to everyone at Delivery Hero that the organisation cares about its people, and secondly, it promotes a culture in which every people leader feels responsible for taking action on employee feedback. Peakon has given Delivery Hero the tools and insight needed to keep the company aligned from a global perspective, while empowering managers to create tailored local solutions.
“Data is so important and Peakon helps us to empower our decisions. Without data we might make decisions that are in a vacuum. What Peakon does is it makes sure that we get out of that vacuum and think about our employees from a global standpoint.”Jeri Doris Chief People Officer