How Sodexo BRS Empowers Employees With Automated Engagement Surveys

Company overview: Sodexo’s global workforce is nearly half a million. The company  serves 100 million consumers in 67 countries and is the world leader of over 100 services in food, facilities management and employee benefits. Gergana Iordanova, HR Development and Talent Director at Sodexo Benefits & Rewards (BRS) shares how Peakon helps to improve the employee experience and increase engagement. Industry: Facilities Services Company Size: 4,700 Region: Global Response Rate: 92%

Previous Challenges

  • Time-consuming to query data manually, with no guarantee of useful insights.
  • Employees saw engagement surveys as an obligation, not a feedback tool.
  • No way to have two-way conversations with employees on a regular basis.

Why Peakon

  • Customization: The flexibility of Peakon makes it easy for us to adjust the frequency of surveys and what questions to include.
  • Segmentation of Data: Peakon allows us to investigate the strengths and priorities of our organization both globally, and at a local level.
  • Confidentiality and Communication: We wanted the ability to talk with our people and make sure they felt comfortable providing honest feedback.

How Peakon Helped

  • Onboarded leadership teams, globally: Peakon gave us the ability to set different access levels so that everyone had access to personalized dashboards.
  • Increased accountability for team-level results. Being able to see the engagement of their teams in real time motivated managers to own their results.
  • Showed employees the value of providing feedback. People can see that their feedback has been acknowledged, and resulted in specific actions being taken.

Growth & Impact

  • +29 ENPS score since 2017 — 27 above Professional Services benchmark
  • +40 Strategy driver score — in top 10% for Professional Services companies
  • 25+ point increase for Growth, Recognition and Reward drivers
  • Decreased turnover in the Czech Republic 
  • Updated employee benefits package based on feedback from Peakon
“In the beginning people were used to thinking of engagement as a HR topic, but Peakon helped to show people it’s something that affects the whole company.” Gergana Iordanova, HR Development and Talent Director at Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services