10 new Peakon features you may have missed in 2017

“Watch this webinar to understand the value of our latest features, and find out how you can use them to make a difference in your organisation.” Michael Dean Senior Engagement Researcher
Michael Dean, Senior Engagement Researcher Michael, our Senior Engagement Researcher, takes you through our latest features. In this webinar you will learn about:
  • Acknowledgements
  • @mentions
  • Comment source attribution
  • Heatmap improvements
  • Accessibility
  • Benchmarking
  • Shareable dashboard
  • Actions
  • Values
  • Manager onboarding
You can also download the presentation of the webinar here.


Your employees share valuable feedback with you, so let each know their voice has been heard. The acknowledgements feature allows you to respond quickly and with context.
  • Increase employee participation
  • Improve feedback quality
  • Respond with a single click


Whether you’re a manager or an admin, you can now bring comments to the attention of your leadership team. Use a private note to @mention a colleague and notify them of praise, an issue, or a suggestion.
  • Highlight issues
  • Improve response time

Comment source attribution

Quickly understand which employee segment a comment belongs to. Preserve confidentially while identifying issues.
  • Allow comments to be seen by the right people
  • Get a quick overview of feedback in your organisation

Heatmap improvements

Improvements on the heatmap give a more granular view in a user-friendly interface.
  • Compare participation rates
  • View drivers and sub-drivers together
  • Understand how scores differ from your benchmark


Offering the best experience to every employee. Make sure everyone in your organisation has their voice heard.
  • Colour Vision Deficiency support
  • Text-to-Speech for the visually impaired


Provide your managers with a fairer benchmark by accounting for the demographic composition of their team – introducing True Benchmark®. In addition, choose different industry benchmarks for different areas of your business.
  • Remove external demographic influence outside of your control
  • Measure manager performance fairly
  • Increase manager ownership of their engagement scores
  • Use the right benchmark for each team

Shareable dashboard

A stripped-back version of your dashboard, perfect for sharing with your team.
  • Include everyone in your organisation on the engagement journey
  • Share quickly and effortlessly with a click of a button


Build your action plans alongside the feedback and insights that inform them. Add actions into your highlighted areas from within the dashboard, and track the improvement over time.
  • Improve the accountability of managers
  • Close the feedback-insight-action loop
  • Increase manager adoption


Especially useful for organisations going through a cultural transformation. Track the health of your core company values in the same way you track the drivers of engagement.
  • Understand how your teams align with your values
  • Steer your culture into alignment with your strategy

Manager onboarding

The first impression is the most important. We have created an improved onboarding experience for every new Peakon user in your organisation. Introduce them to their personal dashboard in the best possible way.
  • Increase manager adoption
  • Launch the dashboard with data relevant to each leader
Share this webinar and the presentation with your team in case they are not familiar with these features. All of these features are explained in detail in our help centre, and your Customer Success Manager is always available for support. For anything else, please feel free to email me directly here.