Peakon's 2018 Review. From Startup to Global Business.

Peakon has experienced phenomenal growth during 2018, and in the process we’ve started working with global enterprises like Nike, easyJet and Capgemini. At the start of the year, we were handling 5 million surveys responses, which has since grown to more than 25 million. From automatically mapping complex organisational structures and detecting cases of misconduct, to surveying employees without access to a phone or computer, Peakon has continued to evolve to meet the needs of our partners. There are no signs of things slowing down in 2019, but before that happens, we wanted to share some of the most significant improvements to the platform this year. Keep reading for all the details, or click here to watch the webinar recording.

Including every employee in the feedback loop

To accommodate our enterprise customers and ensure that every employee has the opportunity to provide feedback, we’ve introduced a number of changes that give local admins more control and flexibility over how they send out surveys. Available in nearly 50 different languages, admins can now give employees the option of responding to a survey in their own language. It’s also possible for local admins to schedule surveys based on the time zone of the employees being targeted. Another powerful feature is Kiosk, which allows retail and hospitality businesses to survey employees without access to their own email address. Reach, one of the UK’s largest newspaper and magazine publishers has been successfully using Kiosk to collect feedback using a self-service survey that can be accessed by employees using their last name and employee ID.

A broader and deeper level of insight

Some of our partners are surveying tens of thousands of employees, which can create challenges when it comes to segmenting different parts of the business, figuring out what employee feedback is most actionable and creating a clear view of overall engagement.

Surfacing the most important feedback

Managers can easily go through and action comments from their team after a feedback round. For HR and senior leadership, who have to review comments from multiple teams, this can quickly become overwhelming – especially in larger organisations. This creates the risk of missing important feedback or not responding in time to comments of a more serious nature. As a result of the work we’ve done in 2018, Peakon automatically surfaces the most important feedback by splitting comments into three different categories: Comments, Highlighted Comments and Sensitive Comments. Highlighted Comments surface the most actionable feedback for managers, allowing them to prioritise the most important comments and directly impact engagement within their teams. Sensitive Comments relate to cases of misconduct. They need to be addressed immediately, which is why they appear at the top of your comments feed and automatically trigger real-time email and in-app alerts for senior leaders and other designated people within your organisation.

Visualising the employee journey

Optimising the employee experience requires an in-depth understanding of the different phases that happen throughout the employee journey. With the Employee Experience Cycle Report, Peakon allows you to see how engagement is trending over time in your business. From onboarding to exit, you can explore what is having the biggest effect on your engagement scores at each stage of the journey. This gives you the insight to optimise every aspect of the employee experience and measure the impact of your changes. The separation phase in particular provides organisations with insight into why employees are leaving. Using data and comments from the last three months prior to an employee’s departure, it’s possible to identify the factors that are causing attrition. Unlike exit surveys, separation phase insights uses historic data to spot trends and suggest improvements.

Visualising the structure of your organisation

Another standout feature from 2018 is Hierarchical Segments, which automatically maps the hierarchy of your organisation. This allows senior leaders to drill into specific areas of the business to learn more about what’s working and what needs to be improved. It also saves time for admins who would otherwise have to map the organisation’s structure manually. Hierarchical segments can also provide companies with a more complex organisational structure to identify how relationships between different parts of the business impact engagement. It draws on existing data to provide a deeper understanding of engagement across the organisation. Egmont, a leading media group in the Nordic region, have been able to mirror the reporting structure of the business, and the company’s engagement strategy, while enabling senior leadership to drill down into areas of interest and create custom reports.

Empowering managers to improve their teams

We spent a lot of time in 2018 developing tools and resources that help managers to succeed. This is an area that we’ll continue to focus on in 2019, so you can expect more functionality which empowers managers to develop and improve their team’s engagement.

A personalised space to improve engagement

The new improve area gives managers a place to learn and better understand the current priorities of their team, including contextual content that will help them address their team’s feedback and improve engagement. These are suggested based on the priorities that have been identified using their team’s feedback. The focus is on learning by doing with the right guidance, which allows managers to become better people leaders every day. The content, which is designed by our organisational development team and personalised for each team leader based on the feedback from your most recent survey round, includes:
  • An assortment of quick reads and videos curated, from the likes of Harvard Business Review and TED, that leaders can use to improve specific aspects of engagement.
  • Peakon’s suggested actions. Driver-specific actions that can help leaders understand the types of activities that have a positive impact on a team’s overall engagement.
  • Bite-sized interactive courses. Designed by Peakon’s Organisational Development team, these short courses give managers the skills needed to address their team’s priorities and create effective action plans that result in meaningful changes.

More accountable action planning

Action planning is a feature that creates more manager accountability and gives senior leaders a way to oversee and support their actions. It gives companies a way to close the feedback loop, so that employees know managers have not only acknowledged their feedback, but taken responsibility for developing a plan of action. Working closely with Delivery Hero, we also developed the new Actions Overview feature, which provides senior leaders with an overview of manager action plans from across the business. This makes it easier to monitor progress and provide support for new initiatives.

From startup to a global organisation

Peakon has gone from strength to strength during 2018. We’ve grown from 63 people to more than 150 during the course of the year, with 59% of them being women. We’re present in 5 different countries, with employees representing 31 nationalities. Each of the features we’ve added to the platform was designed to meet a specific need, with the ultimate aim of improving your company’s overall engagement. We’ll continue to do the same in 2019, as we continue working closely with our partners to develop new features that will make their debut in the New Year. One feature to look out for is the upcoming attrition prediction. With over 25 million survey responses and data from 20,000 leavers, we’re building one of the most accurate attrition prediction models on the market. Expect to hear more very soon! It’s been a pleasure working with all of you, and here’s to an amazing 2019! Click here to watch the full webinar.