The Peakon Monthly March Broadcast

“Learn what it means to develop a truly data-driven culture with stories from the Peakon community – and discover the science helping to answer the most fundamental question behind Peakon; what should you do to increase the engagement of your team?” Michael Dean Senior Engagement Researcher
In this webinar you will:
  • Learn what it means to develop a truly data-driven culture, with stories from the Peakon community.
  • See the latest additions to the Peakon platform, and the analytics that power your dashboard.
  • Understand the evolution of engagement research over time, and how this lead us to Peakon’s methodology today.
The discussion begins with Patrick taking us through a customer story. He shares some important learnings that apply to any team and organisation trying to improve engagement. After a short break where you can hear about new features available in your Peakon dashboard, Michael takes us on a journey through the “Heroes of Engagement”. These are the scientists that established the body of organisational psychology that lead to Peakon’s driver framework and question formulation.
  • Frederick Herzberg
  • Hackman & Oldham
  • Ryan & Deci
A great explanation of the Peakon methodology and the core application of the data science that brings your powerful dashboard to life. Michael expands on three major questions. By understanding the answers to these fundamental questions you’ll be one step closer to mastering what needs to be done to improve engagement in your organisation The last part of the webinar is the Q&A with our community where you can listen to some insightful discussions from leaders like you. Watch the webinar and take a look at the slides. All of the features mentioned in the recording are explained in more detail in our help centre – plus your Customer Success Manager is always available for support. If you would like to register for the live broadcast and participate in the Q&A session afterwards, send me an email. We hope to see you at the next broadcast on the 25th of April, the last Wednesday of the month. The Peakon Monthly is our webinar series with your hosts Patrick Cournoyer, VP of Customer Success and Michael Dean, Senior Engagement Researcher.