Event Summary: Employee Experience Night in Berlin

Event Summary: Employee Experience Night in Berlin
Employee experience is essential for the modern business, which is why our latest event in Berlin focused on the impact of employee experience on retaining top talent. Over 80 people were in attendance, including representatives from Deloitte, IBM and HelloFresh. We had a number of speakers at the event, including: The topics discussed included recruitment and the cost of replacing a departing employee, the opportunity costs of unfilled positions, and the importance of onboarding for new team members. Our speakers offered advice and learnings from their own careers, including:
“Creating a good Employee Experience isn’t just an HR responsibility. Instead it must be a horizontal layer and responsibility across the whole business and each employee is invited/encouraged to support it.”
Aurel Stenzel, COO at adjust
“The „right“ employee experience is not about having free pizza or a ping pong tournaments in the office, it is about setting the right expectations from the start to ensure a cultural fit between the new hire and the organisation.”
Eva Stock, Teamlead HR at Trust Agents
“Employee Experience is a key success factor for future business. If you combine Employee Experience Management and HR work you achieve outstanding Human Relations.”
Meike Sauer, Director HR Campus Operations at METRO We’ve had lots of positive feedback since the event and we’re excited to host more of the same in future. In the meantime, sign up to our newsletter to be notified about our upcoming events and read our guide to understanding and improving employee experience.