Event: Culture & Technology Conversations

Event: Culture & Technology Conversations

At the beginning of this year, we announced our partnership with Personify. One of our goals when creating Peakon was to try and solve the employee experience from end-to-end; from the day someone applies to a job, to the day they leave or retire. And Personify have helped us do just that. So far, we’ve already seen the fruit of the Peakon and Personify partnership in deals with some of the largest legal, manufacturing and professional services brands in North America.

Not only this, but our collaboration has benefitted our teams greatly. A number of the Personify team have visited the Peakon offices in London, and vice versa, which has given us a unique insight into how our different markets operate.  And now, we’re honoured to have the chance to join Personify at their own event in North Carolina, to discuss all things people and technology.  

On Thursday 19th October, from 11:30am to 1:00pm, Personify will be hosting a panel discussion at their offices, on how technology can enhance organisations’ people strategy to promote an inclusive and engaged company culture.

Moderated by Dana Kuhn, Personify’s Director of People Strategic Services and Partnerships, this panel will also feature demos from PeopleLove, All Elements and of course- us! 

We’re incredibly excited to join our partners and like-minded startups at this event, and to meet other people who know the value of listening and learning from their employees. Next year will be a big year for us on our growth journey, where we hope to provide even more support for our US customers, so this event is another vital step in understanding exactly what we need to provide!

There’s still time to register your interest if you wish to attend this event. Email me at neil@peakon.com for more details!