November Product Announcements

November Product Announcements

November has been another big month for Peakon. 150 Peakons from around the world gathered in Amsterdam to get inspired by pioneers like Ben Saunders, who walked from Ross Island, on the Antarctic coast, to the South Pole and back hauling a 200 kg sled. We’ve also released a host of new features, three of which bring big improvements to the platform:

The Employee Experience Cycle report, which brings together employee feedback from onboarding to exit, so that you can see the full employee journey at your organisation.

The Improve area, a personalised space with curated resources for team leaders that equips them with knowledge and suggested actions to best address their team’s feedback.

Sensitive Comments, our solution to immediately detect and alert the right people in your organisation about misconduct and threats to the safety of employees in the workplace.

And here we are in Amsterdam. Almost all 150 of us photographed while learning how to fix the most agile bicycle in the world. At the end of the blog, you can also see our bike parade…

Let’s take a look of all November features… All 7 of them!

Retain your people by optimising the employee journey

Using multiple surveys to understand how your employees are feeling during different stages of their tenure requires a huge amount of admin and expense. Even then, the data remains siloed and hard to analyse. Peakon now gives you an overview of the employee journey – without the cost and complexity of running separate onboarding, engagement, and exit surveys.

Peakon now provides you with a breakdown of engagement over 4 distinct phases of the employee journey. To learn more about why these phases matters, download our guide, The Four Phases of Employee Experience.

Some of the benefits of a more holistic approach include:

Onboarding insights

Feedback from new hires helps you optimise the onboarding process so that employees are able to establish a sense of security and contribute to your company’s culture. These insights ensure that employees feel engaged from the very beginning, before moving on to other phases of the journey.

More accurate separation data

Unlike exit surveys, which often result in low-quality data, Peakon’s separation insights are based on data collected in the months prior to an employee leaving. This not only removes the need to conduct an exit survey, it provides much more accurate information about why an employee decided to leave.

A consistent feedback experience

You don’t have to burden employees with multiple surveys. People are already familiar with how Peakon works, which often results in higher participation, better quality data and more constructive feedback.

Automatic targeting of each population

Peakon targets people with questions tailored to where they are in the employee journey. Along with normal engagement questions that apply to the majority of your organisation,  new hires will receive one-off questions about their onboarding experience, while leavers are sent exit-related questions.

New: A report for your Employees’ Experience Cycle

The new tab in your navigation bar on Peakon provides an interactive report that highlights the levels of engagement at each stage of the employee journey. The trendline allows you to get an instant overview of how your organisation is doing, and how each employee phase of the employee journey impacts the next. From there, you can drill down into each phase and identify the priorities of a specific population.

The Employee Experience Cycle Report is only available on our Business and Premier plans. 

Personalised learning to help managers improve their team’s engagement

There are various contributing factors that can affect employee engagement. Managers need to understand how each of them works and what actions are required in order to improve their team’s engagement. The new improve area provides curated resources and learning materials that are specific to their team’s priorities within Peakon.

Within the Improve area – depending on the Peakon plan you have – you will find:

  • A summary of why a specific driver has been marked as a priority and how it impacts your team’s overall engagement
  • An assortment of quick reads and videos curated by Peakon’s Organisational Development team that leaders can use to improve specific aspects of engagement.
  • Peakon’s suggested actions. These are driver-specific and can help leaders understand the types of activities that have a positive impact on a team’s overall engagement.
  • Bite-sized interactive courses. Designed by Peakon’s Organisational Development team, these short courses give managers the skills needed to address their team’s priorities and create effective action plans that result in meaningful changes.

Here’s a short video from my colleague Brett that shows how the new improve area looks:

The Improve section is available for every organisation across all plans. If you are on the Essential plan, you can only view our curated resources, those in Business have also access to Suggested Actions while if you are on the Premier plan your team-leaders can benefit from our Micro-Courses too.

Be alerted to cases of misconduct in your organisation

“A safe workplace is not just a prerequisite to employee engagement, it’s an ethical obligation that employers have to their employees.” This is a quote from our CEO, Phil Chambers, about the release of our latest text analysis innovation, Sensitive Comments.

Everyone at Peakon is passionate about creating a safe workplace for employees, which is why we’re particularly excited about this release. Sensitive Comments automatically detects and notifies designated people within your organisation about feedback that relates to cases of misconduct that should be of concern to your business.

After a lot of valuable feedback from our partners, we’ve segmented the different cases that may threaten your employees’ mental and physical health into four categories:

You can learn more about Sensitive Comments here, or watch the short video below.

Sensitive Comments is available for all of our partners no matter their pricing plan. The function is only enabled for the admin. They can then give access to the people in the organisation that they believe should receive these alerts. We are gradually rolling Sensitive Comments out and will be enabled for your account until Christmas. Stay tuned while as always our team will update you once it’s enabled for your account.

Localise and preview your survey emails before hitting send

We understand how important it is for employees to hear from you in the language they feel most comfortable with, which is why we’ve been working hard to improve the experience of localising your survey emails. Personalisation like this improves employee participation and is the most empathetic way to ask for feedback.

You can now add translations for the subject and body of the email you send to different populations in your organisation. I.e. Employees in Brazil get an email in Portuguese, and people in Greece get theirs in Greek. This creates a better experience for non-English speakers and increases the chance of employees responding.

Another smaller function we added is the ability to preview all of your survey emails before hitting “send”. In the past, you could only preview survey emails, but now you can also preview survey reminders and reactivation emails.

An improved experience for employees without email access

With thousands of employees all over the world already sharing feedback through our kiosk function, we want to make the process as straightforward as possible.

With our latest two new functions you can:

  • Download and print branded Kiosk instructions for your employees. The instructions can help local managers explain how the feedback process works – and reassure them about their confidentiality.
  • To personalise the experience further, you can also generate a custom branded Kiosk URL. The URL should be something that employees can relate to based on your internal communications – as in the example below.

What a month! We’ve got lots of other content related to these new features which should keep you busy until the next announcement. Our support angels are happy to answer any questions you might have. There’s also your CSM if you need any additional help, or you can get in touch with me directly with any other questions.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of our bicycle parade from Amsterdam. This was a test run for the bikes we built that have since been donated to Africa. At the head of the pack is Shanice, our favourite Kiwi, representing team APAC in pink.