October Product Announcements

October Product Announcements

October is another milestone month at Peakon. We’ve grown to 150 Peakons representing over 30 different nationalities spread across 5 international offices. In the lead-up to our summit in Amsterdam, we’ve all been working hard to bring you a host of new features and updates.

The highlights include a new dashboard overview, an easier way for people leaders to collaborate on comments, and a big update to our Action Planning feature which creates more accountability and visibility across the organisation.

A team photo from our Berlin offsite in May 2018, when there were 80 Peakons. Keep an eye out for a photo from our upcoming offsite with nearly twice that number!

Track and support action plans across your business: Your new Actions Overview

After launching Actions last year we have seen strong adoption from managers. We also received feedback from senior leaders that they needed an easier way to monitor the actions taken by each of their managers, which is why we created the “Actions Overview”.

Not only does this make managers more accountable, it involves the whole team in the engagement process and makes it more likely that priorities will be addressed.

Seniors leaders can follow the progress of actions being taken in their core teams using the “My Team Actions” tab. The simple navigation in the Actions page makes it easy to drill down and identify actions across all levels of the organisation.

We’ve summarised some of the key benefits of our new “Actions Overview” below:

  • Senior managers can visualise and follow the progress of Action Plans created by their direct reports using the new “My Team Actions” view.
  • It’s now much simpler to add actions to a manager’s Action plan. Managers will also receive a notification so that they’re aware of any new actions.
  • You can view Action Plans across your organisation with a more intuitive navigation.

We’ve also written a more in-depth blog post where you can find more info on this exciting update, and learn how to create more effective Action Plans.

You can also check out a short video from Brett that showcases the new functionality, along with a help centre article to get you up and running with the new Actions Overview.

New functionality and a lighter design

View your team’s engagement and validate its accuracy at a glance: Clear distinction between your engagement score and survey participation insights.

Providing a better understanding of survey participation is something we’ve discussed with many HR leaders over the past six months. As a result of these conversations, we’ve focused on simplifying how we present engagement scores.

There is now a clear distinction between engagement and participation insights in your dashboard overview. This came as the result of extensive user experience research, which aims to give you more functionality while maintaining the simple interface you’re used to.

The separation of engagement and participation also makes it easier to expand on each of these areas when you want to dive deeper.

We’ve included a summary of the new updates below. For a more detailed explanation, my colleague Brett has written two in-depth help centre articles for the participation and the engagement score.

  • Engagement and participation data split into separate areas that now sit side-by-side at the top of your dashboard, creating a clearer distinction between the two.
  • We can now provide a benchmark for the participation rate. As an admin, see how your organisation compares to others in your industry. Managers will see how their teams match up to your company average.
  • Both these areas of the dashboard can be expanded into interactive charts, to understand trends over time.

A lighter new theme and an improved way to navigate on Peakon

As the Peakon platform continues to develop our design team is always looking for ways to support additional functionality without complicating the user experience.

In addition to the improved dashboard overview, we’ve made it easier to navigate around the platform. All of your data remains the same while you can get to each area of the product with the same logic as before.

Here are all the design and UI changes we’ve made:

  • Your configurations settings – which allow admins to schedule surveys, craft open-ended questions and control dashboard access – can be expanded from the navigation area (shown in the gif below).
  • Based on your feedback we moved away from the previous black interface to a lighter white one.
  • Notifications for team leaders are now more prominent.
  • Switching between NPS and average scores, sharing your dashboard and exporting insights are all highlighted at the top of your dashboard.
  • Filtering will now appear at the top of your dashboard instead of at the side.

The questions page now supports additional personalisation and localisation

Peakon’s survey questions are based on a rigorous methodology and have been translated into more than 40 languages. There are times when further changes need to be made:

  • Admins can now make small changes to the standard translation of a question.
  • Our updated interface makes it easier for Admins to manage their survey questions and change the frequency with the support of their CSM.

Allow team leaders to view who else has access to a comment

Team leaders can now view a list of managers that are associated with a particular comment. By using the private notes function, it’s also possible to tag other users and collaborate on the best way to take action.

Admins have always had this functionality, but it can now be enabled for other users and access groups via the access control settings in Peakon.

Understand how the comments that impact your teams are being acknowledged

In some cases, there can be multiple users with access to a specific comment, and each of them might be taking action to address that feedback. To help you understand when a conversation has already been initiated, you’ll see that the “conversation tag” has been highlighted green – along with the number of comments that have been added.

This helps to provide additional clarity about how feedback is being actioned when there are multiple stakeholders involved. You can also quickly understand if a comment has already been acknowledged, and whether or not any further actions need to be taken.

We are all looking forward to our summit in Amsterdam next week. Stay tuned for our new team photo with all 150 of us and all the exciting new features and updates coming in our November product announcements blog.