The Road Ahead: Bringing Peakon to APAC

The Road Ahead: Bringing Peakon to APAC
Working with a team that’s aligned on the same mission, passionate about making a difference for the client, and maintains an ‘excellence always’ mentality, is a truly unique experience. When that team is also one of the 25 fastest growing SaaS companies globally, and lives up to its values everyday while consistently overachieving on aggressive growth targets – then you have the ingredients for a ‘one-of-a-kind’ organisation. My Peakon journey started in 2016, in London, when we first began to scale the commercial team. I was one of the ‘early’ employees in the business; in the last year and a half, it has more than tripled in size with new members in every department, across both our London and Copenhagen HQs. During that time, we have started working with some of the biggest companies in the world, including Capgemini, Maersk Group, Old Mutual Wealth, EPAM, and BCD Travel. We’ve released innovative, ‘world-first’ features in our platform to help our clients drive change more easily and effectively. And our management team has delivered keynote speeches at conferences on the future of people analytics around the world. Looking back to my first day, I could never have imagined such a journey. We are now looking to replicate the unprecedented success we had in 2017 by expanding our presence into new regions. We’ll be opening several new offices, including in my new home, Auckland, New Zealand. I am personally delighted to lead our expansion into APAC, and it’s an immensely exciting journey ahead of us for a number of reasons:

New customers

I am in the privileged position to welcome new APAC organisations onboard as Peakon customers, and experience each of their employee engagement journeys with them from the very beginning. It is an incredibly exciting region for us: already we’ve seen rapid growth in current customers using the platform with their APAC-based teams, and huge interest from prospective clients. I get a real thrill from sharing that ‘AH-HA!’ moment when a new customer ‘sees’ their data and insights for the first time. And the subsequent feedback on the positive change, delivered from the ground up, is what motivates me to spread the Peakon message far and wide.

Speaking with a local

Both current and prospective enterprise clients will benefit from our on-the-ground presence, wherever and whenever they need us. Peakon is translated into over 30 languages, and that list keeps growing. Engaging personally with managers across the region, to help them make a lasting impact with their teams, and ensure they enjoy the experience at every step, is my key goal in this move.

Building a world-class APAC Peakon team

I am looking for APAC’s top talent to join the Peakon team, on a journey that will be highly demanding, but one that will be talked about for the rest of your career. Having been part of the Peakon journey myself, and seen the change we’ve delivered for our clients first-hand, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. In the first phase, I will be looking for a Business Development Representative and a Customer Success Manager to help with sourcing, onboarding, and supporting new and existing customers. This opportunity to join one of the fastest growing software companies in the world, as one of the first team members on the ground in APAC, is rare. I have grown and led many high-performing teams during my career, and when you coach the right people to acquire the right skills, and have a genuinely exceptional product, anything is possible. We built an incredible London team from just a few people when I joined, to 60+ in a year. I can’t begin to imagine what is possible in APAC.   Since my arrival in Auckland at the end of 2017, we’ve already hit the ground running and introduced our first new APAC clients to the platform. Please get in touch with me directly if you would like to learn how Peakon can help your business, are interested in joining the team, or would just like to stay connected as we continue to lead the People Insights Revolution in 2018.

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