6 Peakon Updates For Deeper Insights In Less Time

In the three months following our launch we’ve made some significant improvements to deliver faster insights and make gathering high-quality employee feedback easier than ever.

If like us you’re using Slack for your team communication, you can now connect it to Peakon with our new integration. Whenever employees have new questions to answer, they’ll get a message from ‚peakonbot‘ – asking for their feedback and providing a link to the questions. Naturally, if you’ve moved your internal communications out of your inbox and into Slack, this is a good place to reach people.

The administrator of your Peakon account can now enable the integration by clicking the cog icon in the bottom left corner of the dashboard, followed by Company, and Integrations.

Intelligent questions

A true breakthrough in pulse surveys: Peakon now automatically follows up on issues in a matter of seconds – giving you faster, deeper insights. Here’s how it works:

Take, for example, an employee answering a question about how meaningful they find their work. If a particularly extreme answer is given that significantly deviates from the mean, Peakon instantly responds with a new question to find out more (no need for another survey, or even to reload the page). Do they find the tasks themselves uninspiring, or do they just feel under appreciated on their team? You’ll now know instantly, enabling you to take action much faster.

Flexible-automatic survey scheduling

One of the ways Peakon saves a lot of time for HR is through the automated collection of data. You simply select the frequency with which you want to gather new insights and the platform will handle everything else.

We’ve now made this more flexible – enabling you to fit Peakon to your business schedule. For instance if there’s a particular day of the week that’s best to ask for feedback, or if want to limit the time employees have to answer their questions, these options are now easily available for the administrators of your Peakon account. The employee’s time zone is also taken into account, so they receive the right message, at the right time, no matter which channel.

Enhanced permissions with user groups

The addition of groups means you can now be more selective with the visibility of employee feedback. Perhaps you’re asking some open-ended questions that are intended specifically as feedback for your executives, or you’d like to restrict whether managers can see the comments from their employees. Set up groups with permissions to suit the different levels of seniority in your organisations. 

Priority stories

Recommended priorities deliver the key insights on how to improve engagement in your organisation. We’ve now added more detail around why these areas require your focus. In the case of priority segments (for example an underperforming office) you’ll learn why this segment stands out from your wider organisation, and the drivers causing this. You’ll also get tutorial content to provide a clear understanding of these drivers, with ideas for how to improve – as you can see in this screenshot:


Interactive demo dashboard for introducing Peakon to your organisation

The power of Peakon begins as you collect your first round of employee feedback, and start receiving insights. But on day one, with an empty dashboard, we felt this left a little too much to the imagination.

So we’ve created a fully interactive demo account, with more than 20 rounds of data from hundreds of employees, to give you a clear understanding of how Peakon works. This is particularly useful if you’re leading the implementation of Peakon in your company and want to demonstrate the platform to executives and managers.

You can access your demo dashboard at any time by clicking Company in the top right corner of Peakon followed by View demo account.