When Form and Function Combine: Peakon’s New Engagement Dashboard

When Form and Function Combine: Peakon’s New Engagement Dashboard
At Peakon, we keep pushing ourselves to test out new design concepts and provide an experience that sets new standards in usability. Therefore, we are super excited to unveil a fresh new Peakon dashboard design that simplifies how we display our data, puts more focus on the best opportunities to improve engagement, and makes it easier to interact with Peakon on any device.

Focus on what’s most important

Any engagement survey can provide heaps of data to decipher, however at Peakon, our goal is always to provide the most objective and actionable insights on what leaders throughout your organisation can do to improve. Our framework of 14 drivers discovers how individuals feel about the culture and leadership they experience on a day to day basis. This gives us a compelling picture of the things that build commitment between individuals, their work, and the organisation. With our new design, we are making this connection more apparent by surfacing the impact on engagement that each drivers has.  This is most clearly expressed in the strengths and priorities that Peakon intelligently identifies for managers. A leader can now see why for example, autonomy and the freedom to make decision, has a greater impact on the engagement of their team than other factors. All this enables you to focus more on the actions that will create the most positive change. Crucially, every insight from Peakon comes with the context of comparisons to your industry peers or the rest of your organization. We’ve now made this easier to understand by highlighting the difference to benchmark right away.

Your dashboard is now more mobile – engage on the go

We know that managers using Peakon are busy, and need an easy way to understand their teams – even when they are running between meetings, or juggling projects. The new dashboard design is therefore not limited to the desktop. On mobile, managers can now see the key insights on the go, and view the latest comments from their team. Should they wish to, they can even acknowledge or start a confidential dialogue with an employee directly from their mobile. Now, even the most time-poor leaders can now keep in touch with what’s motivating their team and where they’re being held back – which is of course what will buy them more time in the future!

A fresh look to your Peakon presentations

Being able to generate a PowerPoint presentation of Peakon insights to discuss at your next management meeting has always been a hugely popular feature of ours. The presentation is simply a great format to share, discuss, and action plan with. Now, we’ve made the presentations even better, by simplifying the summary and clearly highlighting strengths and priorities, in parallel with our new dashboard. We now also include topics, Peakon’s way of intelligently finding the common themes from comments. This makes it easier to view the most important takeaways from potentially thousands of comments. They’re often great conversation-starters, with leaders able to discuss overarching themes rather than the nitty gritty of individual comments. Above all, the goal with all of these updates is to help you spend less time assessing results, and give you a further headstart with action planning. The feedback and close partnership we enjoy with all our customers is an essential part of how we develop Peakon, and would love to hear your inputs on how you think the new design fits your day-to-day work. To find out more about these updates, and how Peakon can boost your business, please contact christopher.ritson@peakon.com for a short demo of the product. If you’re already a client of ours and would like to find out more how these changes will affect you, please get in touch at support@peakon.com where our team will be happy to help. You can also read more about employee engagement statistics.