World Values Day Event

Values at Work in the Community

Following on from the success and packed house of World Values Day last year, join us on World Values Day 2018 to learn from experts and each other the importance of translating work values into the community.

We’ll learn: 

  •  from the great example of the Living Wage initiative and how Citizens UK got it off the ground in collaboration with the community
  • from businesses who are taking their company values into reciprocal partnerships in the community
  • we’ll work together to identify other big ideas that businesses and communities could take on together
  • how you can translate the learnings into mutual benefit by supporting the community through your mission and values

Expect the event to be interactive, learning packed, collaborative and with the opportunity to network over a glass of wine at the end.

Read this blog to hear what we learned at last year’s event.

This event is being run by UK Values Alliance, The EEA, Peakon & Crystal Interactive 

Veranstaltet von:

Hannah Stockley
Hannah Stockley
Hannah is the woman in the know: working on both internal and external events, and making sure the Peakon magic is spread worldwide. When she’s not running our social channels and meeting new friends of the brand, Hannah spends the rest of her time eating out, singing and playing netball.
Victoria Murphy
Victoria Murphy
Queen Vic is fuelled by a love of people and Prosecco. She is Peakon's community evangelist, working tirelessly to build incredible events and partnerships with our customers.

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