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Do you want to help shape the direction of the products we build and the culture of companies? Your involvement in our research and tests will influence how people around the world use Peakon to engage with their teams.

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Panel agreement

What will you be agreeing to?

By clicking on ‘Join Panel’, you consent to Peakon collecting information in future research projects with the purpose of improving our products and services.

You agree that such research projects are confidential information of Peakon and not to disclose the confidential information to other third parties. You can opt out at any time here

Depending on the research project, the data that we collect may include:

  • IP address, email address & events (taps and clicks)
  • Location, URL clickstreams & time spent
  • Device type, operating system & browser type

The data we collect will not be shared with third parties. Learn more in the Privacy statement.


Anyone using our products can join the panel.
You will not be contacted more than 4-8 times per year with an invitation to take part in a research session. If you are part of a longer study, we may contact you more frequently about the different sessions related to that particular research.
We will send you the information about upcoming research and testing opportunities by email. We will also give you the contact details for someone from our team, should you wish to contact us directly.
It’s up to you - you decide what you want to be a part of and how much time you want to spend. Some of our surveys might only take you 2-10 minutes, but a remote interview or session might take 20 minutes or up to an hour.
Research will be conducted through surveys, interviews, online or on-site test sessions depending on what we are researching. You choose which types of sessions you want to participate in.
Your personal information is safe with us. All personal information will be anonymized in any internal output we create using the research. Your existing Peakon marketing preferences will be respected.
If you no longer wish to be a part of the Research Panel you can opt-out here and we will remove you from our list.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us anytime at