Ein Kanal für Ehrlichkeit bei Rainforest

Michael Dean

Talking to Fred Stevens-Smith, founder and CEO of Rainforest, it quickly becomes clear that he is an entrepreneur who has carefully considered what kind of business he wants to build. „Our corporate culture is based on three core values: full transparency, extreme passion and always taking care of each other. If you plan your corporate values ​​and your corporate culture right from the start, you can create cohesion across the organization while maintaining heterogeneity and diversity of opinion, „he says.

A critical phase for any start-up comes when the managers, department heads, goals, and processes have more impact on each employee’s day-to-day work than the founders and original vision. Whether the employees feel that something has been lost or are now part of something bigger, better, depends essentially on the foresight of the founders.

Fred has chosen a proactive approach and introduced it to Rainforest Peakon. „What Peakon really offers us is a great channel of communication for honesty and the ability to have anonymous conversations. That way, employees can really be honest with their opinions, „he explains. „You see,“ Oh, Manager X’s team is slowly showing the first signs of congestion; that part of the organization thinks the strategy is not very clear ‚- all things the employees would never say to their faces. „

Rainforest Customer Success Manager Celia Wong gives her feedback in Peakon every two weeks. „I am so constantly being reminded that my opinion is important to the company,“ she says. „It’s a matter of being satisfied with the job and having the recognition of colleagues and leaders.“

Nine months after Peakon was introduced to the company, Fred describes what the platform has brought them: „I think our employee engagement has increased significantly.“ With the diverse workforce, everyone now has the same opportunity to gain recognition and feedback. „Our remote teams are much happier and they can tell us about Peakon so that it really gets a hearing. Peakon offers us the opportunity and I think that’s a real win. „

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