The road towards fulfilling purpose

Lizzie, who moderates the broadcast, opens this webinar with a very personal question to our two panellists, Ennis Reid, head of learning and development at Old Mutual Wealth and Joy Rees, Senior Success Manager at Peakon. „What are your personal Values?“ Lizzie is a Customer Success Manager here at Peakon. She believes that everybody has personal values which we all bring to work every day. As she explains:
Everybody has values – in our day to day life we are continually using our values to make decisions, prioritise and choose our paths. Often the values underlying our choices and motivations are not conscious – we may well not be aware of what is driving our decision.
After Lizzie and our two panellists go through their values and some of the associated behaviours, it is time to talk about the importance of values in the organisations. Ennis shares his learnings after a cultural transformation where they had to re-establish the core values of OMW while Joy takes us through the journey of building a culture driven organisation from the ground up at Peakon. Watch the whole webinar and learn:
  • Why values are so important for your organisation
  • Why organisations have values and how these values can drive behaviours
  • How do you enable people to live those values and what role do managers play
  • How does Peakon help you measure the impact of your stated values on the company’s culture.
Joy and Ennis both share great practical tips from their organisations. One of Lizzie’s favourite one is a „low-fi“ recognition initiative that Joy takes us through. Before the webinar comes to an end, Lizzie opens the conversation to the audience where we hear some more ideas and learnings. In case you have any questions for any of the panellists please send me an email here, and I will make sure to put you in touch. If you want to stay updated on our next broadcast, you can subscribe to our newsletter. For any other questions, you can always reach out to my colleague Amy and her team at