Introduction to Actions

Patrick, our VP Customer Success and Michael, our Senior Engagement Researcher, take you through a short introduction to Peakon Actions. In this webinar you will:
  • Understand how to address feedback by planning and tracking actions in Peakon.
  • Learn how you can gain visibility of the actions being taken by the leaders in your organisation and contribute to their action plans.
“Peakon Actions is the final piece of the puzzle in the feedback cycle and a dynamic way to address your survey results. The fact that your solutions sit directly alongside the issues makes it the most powerful way to action plan, and allows you to track the impact of your initiatives over subsequent feedback rounds.” Patrick Cournoyer VP Customer Success
Patrick Cournoyer

Empowering managers to drive change

Peakon kickstarts the planning process with Suggested Actions that provide inspiration and guidance on the kind of initiatives that best influence each engagement driver. Managers can also assign their own actions to drivers directly, enabling them to work effectively on the priorities they receive in the dashboard. Additionally, they have the ability to set deadlines, leave notes and share their actions with the team through the shareable dashboard feature. The involvement of the team brings more collaboration and excitement to driving change within the organisation.

Accountability, transparency and collaboration

Peakon Actions provide the senior leadership with visibility across the business. The actions logged by managers can be monitored, allowing those who are driving real change to have their efforts recognised. The Actions Overview provides an understanding of all the actions being taken, as well as their context. Admins can further support managers by adding to their action plans to help them improve engagement in their team. The feedback loop. Feedback - insight - action.

Try Actions for yourself

Peakon Actions is available today to all Premium & Enterprise customers. Learn how to enable the feature for your organisation in the help centre, or request a personal walk-through from your customer success manager. For anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact me by email here.