Webinar: Not One Size Fits All: Engaging Your Multigenerational Workforce

We now find ourselves with five different generations in the workforce. Digital natives who had a Facebook profile long before they had a job are working alongside veteran colleagues who remember when fax machines and floppy disks were revolutionary technology.

It has become an imperative for businesses to understand the needs of different age groups in order to create more engaged, productive, and—possibly most importantly—inclusive workplaces. So how do you manage a multigenerational workforce with different needs, beliefs, backgrounds, and ways of working?

In this free webcast in partnership with HCI, Peakon’s Director of Employee Experience Michael Dean and Head of Data Science Dr. Joe Cainey will help answer this question through key findings from Peakon’s latest data report, explain why it’s also crucial to take tenure into account, and share actionable tips to help you tailor the workplace experience to the needs of all employees—supporting each generation to achieve their full potential.


Joe Cainey
Senior Data Scientist
Joe Cainey
Michael Dean
Director of Employee Experience
Michael Dean

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