April Product Announcements

April Product Announcements

Have you ever been to Bologna? I haven’t but I’ll be flying there during May for a few days along with 180 Peakons. I promise to come back with some good tips to share in the next product announcement.

Until then, let’s take a look at the latest product updates:

54 languages, localisation for employees all around the world

Peakon provides a localised survey experience for employees around the world. With the addition of Zulu, Xhosa and Icelandic, our survey is now available in 54 different languages.

We’ve seen that when employees are able to share feedback in their own language, it results in better quality comments and increased participation, which is why we care so much about providing a personalised survey experience.

In addition to three new survey languages, we’ve also localised Peakon’s Manager Dashboard into US English, which brings the number of available languages up to 18.

Empowering your Diversity and Inclusion initiatives

Do women in organisations have equal access to growth opportunities? Does your company culture allow people from different ethnic backgrounds to express themselves freely? Peakon gives you a way to answer these questions and do more for diversity and inclusion.

Many organisations don’t have access to information about their employees – apart from the demographic data collected when they first started. Being able to collect additional information about your employees allows you to better align your strategic goals with diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Due to the sensitive nature of this type of data, it’s important for employees to provide their consent and understand how their data is going to be used. Through Peakon, you can now ask for these employees to submit this type of information before their survey begins. The ability to collect this information in Peakon also gives companies in Europe a way to stay compliant with GDPR regulations.

Notify managers and guide them on how to best take action

We recently launched our Improve area, which helps managers bridge the gap between insight and action. Since then, we’ve also refined manager notifications to not only highlight the most relevant insights, but also provide the personalised training resources that encourage them to take action.

These personalised notifications are sent to managers automatically after employees have shared their feedback. These emails highlight team priorities at the point of need and encourage managers to view their dashboard where they can gain a better understanding of how to address their team’s concerns.

Adding context to your analysis and reporting

The final update for this month is an improvement we’ve made to our heatmap, which makes it easy to visualise how different employee populations are feeling across the 14 drivers of engagement.

In order to give you more context when viewing the heatmap, you can now add the overall scores for your team and compare them to the scores of each of your employee groups. For example, if you are viewing the insights for the overall organisation, the overall context will be your company’s scores. Similarly, your managers can compare their team’s overall score with any other available segments, such as their male and female members in their team.

That’s all for now.

We’ll be back with more updates after Bologna, which will add some cool new functionality to your dashboard and allow you to extract even more value from your insights.

Our support team is always available for questions, or you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager. For anything else, feel free to email me directly.