February Product Announcements

February Product Announcements

This month, we’ll be sharing a brand new solution for managers that want to develop their leadership skills. We provided a sneak peek during our 2018 wrap-up webinar at the end of last year, and with the public launch right around the corner, we’ve dedicated this month’s announcement to a feature that we hope will empower managers around the world.

Before we jump into the feature, we also wanted to share a few of the faces that go into making Peakon the platform that it is. The clip below is from our recent London kick-off, where 160 Peakons from around the world were reunited to discuss the highlights of 2018, how we can continue to improve in 2019, and learn more about our new set of values.

Developing Leadership Skills with Peakon

Employee engagement and leadership development are two sides of the same coin.

Peakon provides managers with insights based on their team’s feedback. But knowing how to act on these insights is not always straightforward.

What if Peakon could provide training and guidance to managers, to help them develop as leaders and act on their insights in the most effective way?

Based on the team priorities identified after a feedback round is over, Peakon will now recommend bite-sized contextual learning content, along with suggested actions. Welcome to Peakon Improve.

The Peakon Improve area

Our Improve area provides tailored, contextual training to managers when they need it most, based on the priorities of their team.

The best way to learn is by doing. Peakon’s Improve area allows managers to take action based on real-time insight and delivers training and advice – based on real-time data – which managers can implement immediately.

Our Improve features are integrated into the workflow that managers already use to address their team’s feedback. There is also a dedicated Improve section where managers can browse all of our content and access specific courses based on their needs.

Not everyone learns in the same way, and some managers have more time to spare than others, which is why we’ve made our Improve content available in three different formats: Micro-Courses, Suggested Actions and Resources.


Micro-Courses take ten minutes or less to complete and provide managers with new skills that can be put into practice immediately. Created by our Organisational Development Science team, each of the lessons is supported by decades of scientific research.

Lessons conclude with a Suggested Action that encourages team leaders to make improvements based on their new knowledge. Our Micro-Courses are built around Peakon’s engagement methodology, which increases the likelihood of manager actions having a measurable impact.

Suggested Actions

Peakon automatically provides suggested short- and long-term actions to help managers address feedback more effectively and implement meaningful changes after each survey round. Suggested Actions appear in a manager’s dashboard while they are reviewing their engagement priorities, or after completing an individual Micro-Course.


To account for different learning styles and time constraints, we provide high-quality articles and videos on a wide range of management topics. They combine bespoke, in-house content and handpicked subject matter from trusted publishers such as HBR and TED.

The Improve area is now available in every manager’s dashboard. Managers can access content directly, or via their priority drivers, which highlights recommended learning material.

Managers can also find all the content for each driver and filter by a specific content category in the dedicated Improve space.

If you want to find out more about the Improve area watch the webinar recording below, contact your dedicated CSM or else send us your questions and ideas on support@peakon.com.