July Product Announcements

July Product Announcements
The World Cup is in full swing and so is the Peakon Product Team. This month, apart from watching the football, we released a number of platform updates, including the ability to restrict specific attributes and map your organisational hierarchy in order to understand how different segments influence each other.

Restrict Manager Access to Specific Attributes

Restricted attributes gives administrators the ability to restrict specific attributes (such as gender) so that managers can only see the data that is most relevant to them.
  • Certain attributes can be more sensitive than others (gender, salary, etc)
  • Make it easier for managers to focus on specific areas of engagement
  • Give HR teams control of which attributes can be viewed across the business
  • Quickly understand who has access to what attributes in each department
Not all managers are equipped to deal with issues that arise within their team. One of the best examples is gender inequality, which may be difficult for a new manager to handle without support from HR. In cases like these, you could restrict the gender attribute in their dashboard so that only the HR department can view this data. That way managers can focus on improving engagement without worrying about overly sensitive issues. Anne Paul, Customer Success Manager at Peakon had this to say:
Having the ability to mark sensitive attributes as restricted can ensure that the HR teams can view and action this data but not burden managers with this information. Instead, managers can focus on improving key areas within their power.

Map Your Organisational Structure to Hierarchical Segments

It’s now possible to create relationships between different attributes in Peakon, which makes it easier to drill into your data and see how different segments are related. For example, you have a product team, and within your product team sit your engineering team, your data science team and your design team

Product > Engineering, Data Science, Design

One of the main benefits of hierarchical segments is that you can establish relationships within Peakon that mirror your organisational structure. It also makes it easier to drill into your data and understand why changes in your engagement score are happening. For example, you notice that the workload score for your Product Team has been falling over the last few weeks. Hierarchical segments gives you the ability to go one level deeper, which reveals that developers are feeling overworked due to recent aggressive deadlines.
  • Works with organisational hierarchies of any shape and size
  • Understand how different attributes influence each other within your organisation
  • Automatically identify relationships when creating a new hierarchy
  • Edit existing relationships and manually create your own
  • Less manual work adding team leaders to segments and all related child attribute’s segments
Click here to learn more about hierarchical segments Currently available as part of our Premier plan.

Update employee records with less spreadsheet admin

One of our goals is to minimise the admin for HR departments so that they can focus on supporting other teams and making more strategic decisions. We recently made a few improvements to how you upload and update employee records using spreadsheets.

Remove attribute values from employee records

A lot of our partners assemble project-based teams, which means employee records need to be updated on a regular basis. In order to streamline this process, we’ve made it easier to remove attribute values from employee records using a simple spreadsheet upload. All you have to do is leave the relevant cells blank in your spreadsheet upload. This will delete the attribute value from the relevant record, while any other new information you’ve included in your spreadsheet will be automatically updated.

Update timezone and language with the spreadsheet upload

In case you missed it, we recently introduced the ability to filter employees based on their timezone and language. As a result, a lot of our partners wanted to update this information in bulk, which is why we’ve made it possible to update this information by using the same spreadsheet that you already use to update your employee records. Click here to learn more about updating timezone and language

Excel log file is now available for download after upload

If you’re using the spreadsheet upload method for your employee records, there is always the possibility of making manual mistakes – especially when you have a lot of data. To help you identify these mistakes, you can now download an overview of the upload, along with a log file to understand exactly what went wrong and how to correct it.

Data Access per region

A lot of our clients have offices around the world with different data regulations. We always want to ensure that you have full control of your data. Prior to working with your Customer Success Manager you can define through your settings the specific regions of the world where Peakon has access rights to your data. This will ensure that you comply with regulation and that all of your teams can share their feedback in Peakon. Despite a few World Cup setbacks for the Germans and Danes at Peakon, we’ve managed to rally the team and deliver everything as planned. Hopefully you’ll be able to put the new features to good use, and if you’ve got any feedback, we’d love to hear from you..