March Product Announcements

March Product Announcements
This month the team focused on anonymity, dashboard accessibility and the launch of our new website – which bring with it a number of UX improvements. Guntis Rusa, our UX designer, works hand-in-hand with the product team to improve the overall experience of Peakon. The website redesign was a team effort across all departments.

New website

Providing a great user experience is something we obsess over at Peakon. This has always been a priority focus in our survey and dashboard design, and now we are ready to offer a similar experience on our website too. With our expansion in DACH, APAC and North America it became obvious that we needed our website to support localised languages. After all, the product has been translated into more than 35 dialects, but our site was only available in English. What does that mean? will soon be available in other languages, starting with German. Most importantly the new website will serve as an employee engagement library. The team is producing valuable content each day to facilitate learning in the HR community. You can find it all in our resources section: from blogs, to webinars, to management guides.


For those who want to understand more about engagement theory, and take action on their teachings, we created our management guides. This series of educational blogs was curated by Senior Engagement Researcher, Michael Dean. The guides, grouped by engagement ‘drivers’, provide practical methods for improving priority areas in your organisation. Share these blogs with your managers and empower them to take well-informed actions.

Customer stories

In customer stories, we ask our clients to share their learnings and experience with running an employee engagement process. This is a growing library, with interesting tales across industries, in which our customers explain the methods and the features that have helped them improve their teams’ engagement levels.


Last year we started Peakon community webinars. Your feedback was overwhelming, so in 2018 we launched The Peakon Monthly – our live broadcast brought to you by Patrick, VP Customer Success, and Michael, our Senior Engagement Researcher. You can find our library of previous webinars in our resources centre, and we will be adding at least one new video each month. If you would like to register for the live broadcast and participate in the Q&A session afterwards, send me an email.


Last but not least you can find the full calendar of Peakon events. Grab the chance to join us and meet the team in person. Lea and Victoria are always open to considering partnerships and happy to give you any information before, during and after an event. If you want to get in touch, send Lea an email here.

Employee anonymity

Ensuring employee anonymity is key to a successful engagement process. In order to provide honest and reliable feedback, employees need to feel that they can safely voice their opinions without fear of reprimand. Peakon protects employee anonymity and ensures that a significant number of responses has been received before displaying results to managers.

Comment anonymity

Comments are often the most actionable part of the feedback from employees. They provide constructive insight and context to quantitative scores. It is therefore important to surface as many comments as possible, while remaining mindful of the anonymity of each employee. As a result, we provided separate control for employee comments so you are able to adjust the anonymity threshold to suit your organisation. You can read more about the feature in our help centre.

Dashboard Languages

As more customers around the world adopt the Peakon platform, we need to remain mindful of our promise of providing the industry’s most accessible solution. As well as the 35+ languages supported by our employee surveys, we support ten languages in our engagement dashboards. Any team leader can select the language of their preference through their settings. The latest languages to be added to the dashboard are Japanese and Dutch – joining English, Danish, French, German, Korean, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. This is not an easy task. Adding new languages adds complexity to even the simplest of dashboard features. As Mads Viktor, Head of Design says:
“We design with new languages in mind. Allowing space for longer sentences and words due to the translation, while keeping the dashboard “clean” is sometimes challenging.”Mads Viktor Head of Design
  We’d love to hear about any feedback or feature ideas you’ve got . You can always contact our Head of Product, Deepa, your Customer Success Manager, or email me directly. From the Product team, Have a great month!