May Product Announcements

May Product Announcements

In Bologna, we practised the 3 P’s: Pasta, Pizza and more Pasta. 200 Peakons from all around the world united to cycle around the beautiful city, discuss how can we collaborate as a team and learn from each other in pursuit of our mission to help everyone in an organisation reach their full potential.

During our summit in Italy we presented our product roadmap for Q3, and there was no shortage of exciting announcements. We’ll be sharing more information over the next few months, but for now, let’s take a look at what we delivered in May.

Guide your managers through your custom library of training content

Bridging the gap from insight to action is the biggest challenge managers with access to team feedback have.

In January we launched Peakon Improve, a personalised training solution that provides team leaders with tailored content to help them make important people decisions. Peakon automatically recommends expert off-the-shelf micro-learning content to managers when they need it most.

Talent developers will now be able to maximise their L&D investment by integrating their in-house content alongside Peakon’s off-the-shelf resources. This can be anything from videos and articles to a set of specific actions or behaviours you want managers to embody. In the same way that off-the-shelf content is distributed in the flow of work, Peakon automatically identifies and recommends the company’s custom resources when managers need it most – based on their team’s engagement scores.

Uploading your content takes a few minutes. In addition to Peakon’s intelligent recommendations, custom resources can also be accessed via your company’s dedicated library in the Improve area.

Respond to the themes your people care about the most

Our Topics feature is the most accurate way to surface the biggest wins and most important concerns in your culture based on employee comments in Peakon.

Business leaders in the organisations we work with use Topics to:

  • Investigate areas of concern within the business that experience high turnover
  • Identify common themes employees highlight before they decide to quit
  • Gather feedback in order to optimise certain phases of the employee journey
  • Learn how to create a more inclusive employee experience for specific employee populations

Topics allow business leaders to identify within thousands of comments the main themes that employees care about and the general sentiment around the subject. We’ve been improving and updating Topics over the past two years using a combination of feedback from our clients and new insights from our data science team.

Let’s see what’s new in Topics for May

Highlighted Topics

Peakon surfaces and highlights Topics that have a significant impact on your culture:

  • Topics that appear consistently throughout multiple feedback rounds
  • Topics with the most comments from your people
  • Topics which appear after a significant event in your business
  • Topics with the highest positive sentiment, indicating your greatest wins and those with the lowest one flagging the biggest concerns.

Parent Themes

In some cases, you will have multiple Topics which all point to an overarching theme. We’ve now added a section for parent themes within the Topics section of Peakon. This allows you to understand the top-level themes affecting your business, before digging into the specifics of more nuanced themes.

Measure sentiment over time

Some Topics appear more consistently than others. When it comes to positive themes, the only action is to celebrate, whereas those that highlight an area of concern, you have to gain a better understanding of the root cause and what can be done to address them within your organisation. The Topics timeline allows you to track how the sentiment of employee comments changes over time, which is particularly valuable to understand the progress of the areas of concern.

Remove non-relevant Topics

Peakon has always deprioritised commonly occurring words, which can lead to topics being created for irrelevant issues and themes. However, there might be other culture-specific cases where the Topic does not provide value. In addition to the ability to remove a Topic yourself, Peakon collects feedback to personalise and improve the Topics generation for that user in the coming rounds.

That’s all for now.

The 3-Ps from Bologna, Pasta, Pizza and more Pasta have only opened the appetite of the team. Stay tuned for all the new innovations that we will be announcing in the coming months.

Our support team is always available for questions, or you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager. For anything else, feel free to email me directly.