October Product Announcements

October Product Announcements

This month we’ve added a number of new languages for employees, admins and managers using Peakon. For those who haven’t synced their HRIS, we’ve made it easier to remove employees automatically – plus a simpler approach for updating personalised benchmarks for each of your employee populations.

Additional languages for team leaders and admins

Team leaders that speak Romanian, Czech, Hindi and Polish can now action their team’s feedback in their native language. Dashboards are now available in 22 languages.

For admins, we’ve made it easier to export the survey questions in different languages to facilitate more collaboration with local offices during the initial account set-up.

Finally, we’ve added Burmese as an additional survey language for employees.

Scheduled deletion of employee records

Admins who haven’t synced Peakon with their HRIS and manually maintain their employee records can now schedule the automatic deletion of employee data. That saves them time and reduces human error. Previously, admins would first need to mark an employee as leaving to start collecting separation data, and then manually delete their data after they leave the business.

Automatically update personalised benchmarks within hierarchies

Peakon is able to detect and automatically create hierarchies within your account based on reporting lines. It also allows you to set personalised benchmarks for different employee populations.

We’ve now combined these two features to ensure that your benchmarks remain consistent whenever there is an update to your organisation’s hierarchy – without the need for additional admin. The option to update your benchmarks manually is still available for all segments.

That’s all for now, and as always, our support team is available for questions, or you can reach out to your CSM. For anything else, feel free to email me directly.