Peakon Kicks off the Be More-London Nonthly Meetup Series!

Peakon Kicks off the Be More-London Nonthly Meetup Series!

The Be More Sessions are a series of meetups designed to share, learn, and discuss the latest insights into how to become better leaders. 

Join us for our kick-off Be More Session – an interactive data science workshop, taking place at our London offices in Exmouth Market. 

At Peakon, we know more than anyone that it can be challenging to know where to start at navigating a modern workplace, where data sources are numerous and multiplying. But if you can master the basics of data science, the rewards are definitely worth it!

Our in house Data Scientist, Charlie Kimber, will start by giving attendees an insight into the basic data science principles that underpin well-informed people decisions. Our co-founder, Dan Rogers, will then cover the possible future of data-driven leadership. As an attendee, you will have the opportunity to ask any pertinent questions, as well as take part in brainstorming exercises and debates to encourage the best learning experience possible!

After the workshop finishes, it’s time to grab a beer and network with other attendees! Share your knowledge, share your goals, share your concerns- this is our community, and we’re all in it together.

These Be More Sessions are designed to help you, help your business thrive.  So come along to our first workshop on the 22nd February, we’d love to meet you! 

To register, please follow this link: Be More Sessions