Why We’ve Gone #antiswag at UNLEASH

Why We’ve Gone #antiswag at UNLEASH

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably attended your fair share of business expos and conferences – and collected some of the swag that goes along with them.

You’ve been there, done that and you’ve got the t-shirt (literally), along with the pen, the mug and the reusable tote bag too.

In 2015, Promotional Products Association International reported that the corporate swag industry was worth around $20.8 billion in the United States alone. And we’ll hold our hands up and admit that we’ve certainly contributed our share over the years.

To put things into perspective, we’d typically spend about £4,000 on an event like UNLEASH. That’s enough for 10,000 pens, 800 tote bags or 600 t-shirts.

But we’ve decided to change that approach when we head to UNLEASH from 19th to 20th March. When you come to our booth, you won’t find the usual line-up of swag because we’d like to put that money to better use.

Here’s why – and why we think it matters.

We Care

We recently redeveloped our company values to better reflect what we believe in as individuals and an organisation.

We Care is one of the core values that we live and breathe every day. For us, it means that we act with kindness, respect and empathy for one another, our customers and the community around us.

That’s why while we’re at UNLEASH, we want to embody this value wholeheartedly. For each great conversation we have with you, we’re going to donate £10 – the money we would have spent on your swag bag – to one of our 3 chosen charities making a tangible difference in their communities.

Making the world a better place

When it came to selecting our charities to support at UNLEASH, we wanted to give back to some of our partner organisations that we look up to as champions for positive change. So when you come and talk to us, you’ll be supporting one of these three charities…


Based in the United States, TERI Inc is a non-profit that works with children and adults on the autism spectrum and with other special needs, giving them the promise of a secure future through training, education and family support.

The Trussell Trust

A UK-born non-profit, The Trussell Trust leads the charge on ending poverty and hunger across the country. Supporting more than 1,200 food banks across the UK, the trust provides emergency food supplies to people in crisis.


Working on a global scale, UNICEF provides life-saving vaccines, food, water and sanitation to young people, saving millions of children from Europe to Yemen from violence, disease and hunger.

“It’s a great idea to transfer money from brand giveaways to vaccines and blankets.”

John Townsend, UNICEF’s Head of Internal Communications

We agree with John – and that’s why we want you to be part of the conversation for positive change with us at UNLEASH.

While you’re busy being part of the community that’s making an impact on tomorrow’s workplace, we want you to help you make an impact on the wider community, too.

Come visit us at stand 301 and help us make the world a better place. In return, we’ll help you make your organisation a better place to work.